02-05 rear oxygen sensor problems


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Make sure you include something meaningful in your subject when you post so you get more responses. "oxygen sensor" doesn't really mean much. could be wanting to buy one, sell one, problem, etc. I updated for you.

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The problem has gone away again (2nd time). When the check engine light came on I went to AutoZone for an OBD analysis. The first time (a month ago) it went away the next day. This time four days ago - same analysis and I put in some gumout regane fuel system cleaner and drove 30 miles. Next day, no light.


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You guys that "use Seafoam on a regular basis" Do you do everything that is in the directions on the can?
It seems a bit much. I bought a can and read the directions...read the directions....read the directions....then placed the can neatly out of the way so it can't be seen.
Did I do good?
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