1. mdpigroaster

    Alpine ILX-W650 touch screen- Android Auto- Bluetooth

    I completed an Alpine ILX-W650 touch screen/Android Auto install on my TBird. Bought it along with the harness kit including the steering wheel kit. I also bought a microbypass cable from Amazon to eliminate the parking brake problem. Took me a total of about 3 hours to remove and install. Just...
  2. senseiyco

    1997 Thunderbird LX w/4.6L - Speedometer, wipers, radio stopped working

    My 1997 T-bird had been sitting in the driveway for about 3 months. I've recharged the battery and cleaned the interior due to mildew. I've driven it a few times just to keep it running. Recently, when I went for a drive, the speedometer and radio were not working. When I got back home, I...
  3. clocke65

    1960 Speaker Suggestions

    I have spent a fortune on rebuilding (not me, a restoration garage) my 1960 T Bird. I had problem after problem with the "Q" code engine and ultimately had a 5.0 liter Ford Racing engine installed I bought an aftermarket radio that looks like the original but has modern technology and...
  4. C

    1966 Thunderbird

    The restoration of a beautiful 1966 T-bird utilized a donor car. LOTS of great left over parts. Please browse the pictures and see if you spot something you need. Would also sell the LOT. Pictures also show car pre and post resto.Here is a link with pictures of all the parts as I can...
  5. D

    CD/Radio problem

    2005 Bird with intermittant problem with radio/CD switching to a MUTE status. Some days it happens constantly where one cannot listen. Sometimes it will go days without a problem. Mute is displayed on the radio display. Speakers seem to be fine--has anyone expierenced this problem and found a...