electrical problems

  1. JonCbear

    1986 not starting suspect wiring issues or fuel supply issues

    Hey everyone been working on restoring the electrical wiring on an 86 T bird that some twikkers got a hold of and completely FUBARed it. So now the car won't start has all sorts of vibration issues when ignition is turned on. Having problems finding correct electrical connectors. Can anyone...
  2. Threebird

    2002 draining battery at night

    Don't know if this has already been discussed...my battery on my 2002 retrobird is draining while in the garage...no lights remain on except the red blinking diode on the dash...doors trunk and hood are all closed...it doesn't make any sounds. Is there a switch somewhere that has notoriously...
  3. 5

    1955 Clicking Sound, No Crank

    Hi everyone, I'm having an issue with my 1955 Ford Thunderbird and could use some advice. When I try to start the car, I hear a constant clicking sound, almost like an electrical shock (click, click, click), but the engine doesn't crank at all. I've tried to diagnose the problem myself, but I'd...
  4. N8Clark

    1966 amp meter smoking

    Hello everyone! I'm new on the forums and come looking for some help. I was messing with the power window switches because only half of them worked so I pulled the whole plate up and got a spark which I would assume would be from metal to metal contact. Now here's where it gets interesting! When...
  5. jon774

    Electrical nightmares 68 tbird

    No brake lights, turn signals or rear running lights. I have power all the way up to the sockets then I plug in the new bulb...nothing. The test light will blink out the sequence on the turn through the socket but once the bulb is in nothing. That's the case for all rear sockets and front turn...
  6. jon774

    Interior foot well lamp and pillar lights won't turn off

    68 tbird interior lights stay on after I close door(s). Any ideas?
  7. Gus Gutz

    Help needed Front Electronic Module FEM 2002-2005

    My lights went off and my drivers window would not go down. The radio would not turn off when the door was opened and the windows do not drop. this happened twice in two days. I am sure it is the front electronic module. Anyone know what to do and where to take it? MODERATOR NOTE 2020- We've...