1. amillego

    1964 390 w/Autolite 4100 not getting fuel into carb

    I'm working to get my '64 running and have replaced the fuel pickup/sending unit, fuel pump and all of the rubber sections of the fuel line (including the one behind the splash shield in the front wheel well). I've also blown out the line all the way from front to back and vice/versa. I got...
  2. S

    55-66 Huge lot of bodies, frames, axles, brakes, interior, powertrain and A WHOLE LOT MORE.

    I have recently inherited a family members 50,000 sq ft T BIRD restoration and repair shop in Broward county Florida. This building is full of all tbird parts. chrome, body parts, frames blocks bumpers galore. The gentleman that build this collection spent his lifetime collecting Tbirds and...
  3. johnson4prez

    1964 6.4L Fuse Box replacement

    Does anyone know where I can purchase the fuse box for a 1964 TBird? Not the kick doors, not the diagram. The actual board that holds the fuses. Mine is missing the bottom three metal clasps that hold in the fuses (forgive my lack of knowledge on proper terminology, I bought this car as a way to...
  4. T

    1964 Tbird Convertible for sale

    Project car for sale! ' 64 Tbird Convertible I am not too familiar with this vehicle as I am selling for my deceased brother It is sold as is with no title! I believe it is 90% there for parts, it is rough and been sitting for several years. Asking $3500.
  5. birdissues

    ‘66 Steering Column Issue - NOT the common cause

    Hi everyone, I hope an expert can help me with this one. I just bought the T-bird, and I’ve been tearing my hair out with this one. I have a ‘66 t-bird that has ~1/4” play between the column shifter housing and the hub that holds the detent. The play is in the direction where if I grab the...
  6. hotrod decor

    parting out 64 t bird convert lots of great body parts

    Hi all, i have a 64 convert im parting out .Would also be open to the entire car being sold . I would classify this car as a parts car . I have 2 beautiful rust free fenders ,2 beautiful doors with glass ,a great flip tray ,good hood ,repo 3/4 quaters ,both sides .Engine and trans in car . lots...