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i just started looking on this site.. i'm hearing alot the zaino products, were do i need to go to purchasethis product

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We just got our Zaino products in the mail last week... We ordered from Prompt delivery of the product, but they only accept checks and money orders...

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I have a triple black bird and am very satisfied with zaino products.
Originally posted by will moorefield:
i just started looking on this site.. i'm hearing alot the zaino products, were do i need to go to purchasethis product

Start searching the General forum for "Zaino" and you'll find out all you need to know.
thanks for all the info. i've already contacted them
If you guys want to get zanio at a discount go to the , and they have a group purchase, which i think gets you 10% off, at least. Alot of us who have corvettes ,use this stuff, works really great.

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thanks for the help, but i sent a order this morning in the mail for some of there product. z5 scratch polish (just in case,black on black,)& z2 clear coat polish . i,ll try this first.
will moorefield,

You should also get the Z18 claybar, the Z7 carwash and the Z6 Gloss Enhancer. I too have a black on black Bird and the claybar is definately needed for the first application in order to get all the small particles off the paint. The Z6 is needed to get the small amount of residue off after you do the Z5/Z2, it really makes the car shine.

When I did the car the first time I clayed, 2 coats of Z5, using Z6 between both and then 2 coats of Z2 with Z6 in between, finishing with Z6. This is a two day process. They say not to do more than 3 coats in one day. Also use the accelerator supplied, it greatly speeds the curing time.

BTW, I don't have you listed in the database, please see my thread "Database Info for the New Birds - post here Update 1", thanks.


Another Zaino deal is on the Thunderbird & Cougar Club of America site, http://www.*********/articles/misc/zaino/. Their group purchase deal is a free bottle of Z-7 car wash with the purchase of four products.
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