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Tom M

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Nov 28, 2001
Well I had an unintended testimonial for Zaino wax yesterday. In our new house we had a fire suppression sprinkler system installed, and it has been giving us LOTS of problems with leaks. Leaky heads have damaged ceilings in at least 5 or 6 rooms so far.

So yesterday morning I get a phone call from my wife just about in tears - "The sprinkler heads in the garage are leaking all over the TBird and the Z3!!".

The first thing you should know is that the sprinkler system is not filled with water but with a glycol antifreeze solution.

The second thing you should know is guess who left the top down on the TBird in the garage?

Well, lucky me, the leak was on the hood not into the interior.

I told her to get the cars outside and wash them ASAP which she did. Then I read the owner of the sprinkler company the riot act, he's going to replace every sprinkler head in the house. I also told him if either of the cars was damaged at all it was coming out of his pocket directly, no way would I make an insurance claim. And I know a VERY expensive body shop....

So of course just to make things even more fun I'm out of town until Wednesday night. But my wife says the cars both cleaned up fine.

So I decided to call Zaino and ask them their opinion on how the wax would hold up against glycol. To my surprise, they said it would be fine, and I don't even have to re-wax. Zaino is completely impervious to glycol. The only potential problem is if the glycol were to get baked on in the sun then it might penetrate the Zaino. Otherwise I'm good to go!

Maybe lots of other waxes would have done as well but I'm sticking with Zaino...

Tom M

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Used Zaino last weekend on my new Blue Bird...have since put a couple more coats on...Bird looks AWESOME.

I agree, Zaino's the best...tar, droppings, everything come right off...

2 thumbs up,
Zaino it is!

After hearing about Zaino on this site I decided to test it on my '97 red Mustang. After clay bar and Zaino, the results were astounding! The first thing I'm going to do when my red/red '03 arrives is GO ZAINO!

I used Zaino on my redbird this past weekend and as everyone else has stated, it's great. I can't believe the shine! I'll be using it on my other vehicles.-Slyfoxxmi
Tom; I`ve been a union sprikler fitter for 30 years, rarely see heads that leak, joints yes,heads no. Heading down to spring Carlisle, I`ll tell the boss I`ve got a servise call in PA so I can use company truck & gas to go to the show. I hope they get it staiten out for you.

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Tbird eh, when will you be coming to Carlisle, for the all Ford show or what? I'm only around 30 miles from there. The MATC club will be there for the All Ford Show.

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tom, our house is sprinklered also, and the only leak we had (it took six months to start) was a leak that to fix, they had to replace the fitting that the sprinkler screwed into. lucky i was home when it started, and was able to put a pot under it before much water hit the floor. hope it all works out. john

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Tbird eh & Howlee:

You are both right, I was incorrect in stating that the sprinkler head leaked, it was the fitting in every case.

The sprinkler guy is going to take out all the sprinklers, clean the fittings out, and re tape & dope them. He also claims that he normally does not use a torque wrench to set the heads at a consistent level (I really don't understand why not) but he is going to do this on my job. Then we do the air pressure leak down test and see what happens.

Tbird eh, is there anything else I should have him do while he's working on the system?

You know, I have to feel a LITTLE sorry for this guy, after the Omega sprinkler head fiasco he switched to a Japanese manufacturer. He has 52,000 of them in the field and they are springing leaks at the rate of about 4 or 5 a day, he keeps 2 guys on fixing them. He's in court with the manufacturer now.

But still, he has to get this right. I paid him too much and worked on this house too long to put up with this. I have 6 custom painted rooms with damaged ceilings that he's going to pay to fix. Lucky for him the Zaino worked great, the cars are untouched.

Tom M
Zaino users. Can you see the wax when it dries in order to buff it off? I used Klasse and found I couldn't see it go on or buff off. I previously used Meguires paste and always could see a haze to buff off. It helps!. Let me know, please.

I must admit that at times I cannot see a "haze" as with conventional waxes when the Zaino dries. Depending on the color of your car, it might be quite hard to see where you've already waxed if you're not keeping track. Darker colors tend to be easier to see where white will probably be next to impossible to see. You'll know it's dry when if you wipe the waxed area it doesn't smear the wax around. Hope this helps you out.


My blue/blue makes it a little difficult to see the "haze." I always polish it in the garage (faces north), and I circle the car several times in different lighting to make sure I've covered the car.

But half the fun is just being with the car!
TOM M: Most of are sprinkler jobs here are done with black steel pipe & cast iron fittings however I have one building the contractor installed plastic that is used in housing. In a year & ahalf 4 leaks have started, in all 4 no matter what I put on the heads they still leaked. The only way to repair this is to replace the fittings.

Gobird: Got back from spring Carlisle yesterday to face 40`s today & 1 to 3 inches of snow for tomorrow. It was at or close to 90`s wed, thur, & friday at the fair grounds. You are one lucky man to live so close. I would be at every show if I lived as close as you do. I will be going next to the all gm show. I went to the vette show till I sold my 1969 6 years a go to buy a Typhoon.Hamburg NY Tbird meet is the same weekend as all fords at Carlisle. I will make plans for next year, by then there will be a good showing of 2002 & 2003 birds at Carlisle. Also, have you had time to get your seadoo`s out? I`m looking forword to droppng my Waverunners in the water soon. Iwas hoping to pull them to the lake with the bird but the 2 machines, gas & trailor are close to 1800 pounds, a bit too much for the bird.

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TBird eh:

They retaped and redoped all the heads on Friday, it took 4 guys all day.

They air pressurized the system to 67 psi, it seems to be holding. Let's just hope....

Tom M.
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