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Nov 29, 2001
Thunderbird Year
Was sliding into a slot in the parking garage at a lady-friends condo when it caught my eye. A covered car, with familiar chrome wheels peeking out. A closer look revealed that it was indeed a new Bird, red/red black int deluxe, and of course as no one was looking I had to lift her skirt to get a peek at the VIN, 102485. If mine gets here in a couple of weeks I'll have to park it in the adjoining space just to freak someone out. Though I won't feel quite so special anymore, as it's identical to mine except mine is a part red int. Small world.

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I looked for the sighting thread but could not find it.

Saw the first Bird other than mine on Sunday afternoon out on the beach, Blue premium. It figures, I was in the CR-V. We were going opposite ways but I was able to speak to them briefly (unfortunately didn't get any names or other info) at the 4 way stop we were at.

If the people from Terre Verde are reading this, drop me a line.
I saw two Red Birds on the way home from work the other morning. Both were driven by woman drivers and appeared to be on their way to work. They were about a mile apart on the same side road, both going the opposite direction from me. I haven't seen them since, but I was early going home that day, during peak traffic hours. They were both Premiums's and I couldn't see the interiors. They're showing up more often, but wish I were looking through the windshield of ours when I see the others!!!!!!!
D/FW, TX area

I had my first sighting on the road today. A yellow T-bird with soft top in Lawrence KS, by the college. It's been warm the last couple of days - the top could've been down.
Hey Dot, is it starting to feel like I'm getting T-bird #24998 and you're getting 24999?
My 12-year-old daughter and I were volunteering, as usual, at a Saturday off-site animal adoption with our local SPCA recently. I left her with other volunteers to make a quick dash to Maaco for an estimate to get my '92 repainted. As it turned out, they were closing early that day for remodeling, so I headed back to the site in the Mall parking lot. When I got back, my daughter gave me the AAWWFFUULL news - I had JUST MISSED seeing a BLUE '02 Bird cruising the lot!!! She said it was close enough to touch, had it not been driving, although she would never have touched it without permission. We even walked around a bit to see if we could spot it, but it was either gone or far away. DRAT!!

My brother-in-law is a realtor, and said that another realtor in the office bought a red Bird recently - parks it far away from other cars! These are the only two I know of actually on the road in our town, and I haven't even seen them!! Is this justice, I ask you?

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