You need one of these for your TBird....

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Tom M

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Nov 28, 2001
What is it?


It's a 2.5 gallon vinyl bucket that folds almost flat. You fill it with water and the water pressure holds it a perfectly cylindrical shape just like a regular bucket. It's amazing, you would never know it's not a hard sided bucket. Well worth the $12 they charge.

It's the perfect size for those improptu washing sessions. Carry a sponge, a small bottle of car wash soap and a couple of towels or a chamois, and you're good to go wherever you find a hose!

I've found that hotels always have a hose somewhere, scout around or ask the maintenance guy. They're mostly glad to let you use the water as long as you don't use the guest towels to dry the car!

Now there's no excuse for a dirty car even when you're on the road.

Tom M.

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