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Got the call yesterday evening, picked her up today: triple-red premium, "Freyja", from Evergreen Ford in Issaquah WA. She is absolutely stunning - but you all know that. Jodrod: the estimate you gave me months ago before I even had a VIN was off by one day! (You said March 6th or 7th).

No "stories" yet (except heads turning at the dealership), but I hope to post some soon.

Many thanks to all who have made waiting tolerable, to Wixom Poo and all the other folks at Wixom who built such a beautiful machine - to Derek Walker and Vaughn Bourget at Evergreen Ford for seeming to be almost as excited as I am, for keeping me informed, and for sticking to the price quoted by Derek's predecessor years ago, even though they weren't legally bound, and T-Birds are selling in the area for 5k in excess of what I paid.

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Good for you

Take it for a spin in the evening. It is indeed a wonderfull vehicle for a "nightflight".

After a beautiful Spring-like weekend, now that I've taken delivery, we have temperatures hovering near freezing, an inch or so of wet snow on the ground, and a forcast calling for possibly more. Now the dilemma of whether to attempt the commute or not.
I stored mine for the snow period remaining, No way my baby will be running in slush snow and salt....

I have been sneeking it out on nice days, the snow has melted early but we are still getting occasional storms.

April 10 = 15 is usually the time where it is safe to come out of hibernation...

You are probably 10 to 12 days away from that at your end of the continent.
Yeah, I think this is Winter's last gasp. The T-Bird is my only car, so short of doubling up with my wife - which will do in extreme conditions - I pretty much have to drive it if I want to get to work. Fortunately they don't salt the roads here, but they do sand them with dirty sand, and a car can look like hell after a day in post-thaw traffic.
Nightflight: I used to live in Seattle and you know as well as I that knowbody in Seattle can drive in the snow. They usually only have a few plows for all of king county. It is true that they only sand the roads, but I have had the pleasure of being on the back end of a sandblaster or two (people spinning dirt and gravel in your face). My advice is Don - le - metro (if you have lived there very long that means take the bus and laugh at the rest of the poor Seattlites clenching their wheels going down all those steep hills. PLEASE DONT DRIVE THIS CAR IN SEATTLE WHEN IT SNOWS. It is bad enough when it rains. My dad sells insurance in Seattle and he said he would drop you like a hot rock if you placed a claim on it (dont worry, he dropped me as a kid...too many stolen radios). Call rent a dent and bang up one of theirs. I drove to Dayton, Ohio today and caught a rock - no damage, but I about had a heart attack...and I am a doctor.... take care and have some fish stew (Cippino (sp?) at the market for me.
Hey, we are 30 minutes from the ski areas, and some of us cut our teeth driving the passes in jalopies with bald tires as teenagers! So I do get a little dismayed at the automotive carnage I see whenever we get a couple inches. I will go out of my way to avoid using the T-Bird on really bad days.

I work downtown a short walk from the Market. I don't know about the spelling, but I know about "cippino". I'll have one for you.
Niteflite, would you educate me on a few things. Your weather that you discribe, does it mean you get very little snow? I've read that you live with alot of rain, but what is the winter like?
And you also said dirty sand. Why not salt?
I live on the opposite coast and have it all so, Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks
Yellowing1. Let me tell you that the people in Seattle cant drive in a dusting of snow. Seattle rarely gets snow and when it does all ____ breaks loose. It does rain quite a bit, but we tell that to all the people who came up from California and ruined the town. People from Seattle are now going back to California as taxes are a little high and the gridlocks are terrible between Federal Way and Bellevue (two yuppy areas). They dont use salt becuase they have a very strong lobby against it. My grandfather told me the farmers as well as the conservationists fought long and hard to avoid salt (plus they have alot of sand in Seattle). PS. Had my car in for service at Findlay Ford (findlay, ohio). The sales staff maintain their 20k over sticker. He has a yellow and a red (he had the carrier put together wrong (for the hardtop) and I fixed it for him. Told him I would send him the bill. He is raffling off one of his red birds for 100 dollars a pop for a local charity, but I can bet he will take a 50K write-off.
We have a temperate marine climate. The jetstream blows from West to East making the Pacific a big sink that evens out our temperature swings and gives us a lot of moisture. As that moist air hits the coastal range it drops its moisture as rain. There have been years here when it is cloudy, rainy, and cool all year, and maybe clears up for a couple of weeks in August. Other times it can be pretty nice.

It seems like we used to get a week or so of snow every Winter, with accumulations of at least 6" (30-40 years ago). Nowadays there is none some years, and other times just an inch or two, which is enough to botch everybody up. I'll confess I tend to blame transplants from flat or sunny climes for the mayhem that ensues, though I know we have our share of home-grown idiots. The fact that it is a hilly city and that our traffic has multiplied by 10 in the past 3 decades doesn't help either.

One reason the snow is so hard to drive in here is that it is wet snow (skiers call it "Cascade Concrete"). It packs down under the wheels to a dense, slippery, wet, film. Dryer snow seems to either blow out of the way or pack down to a sticky corn.

I can't tell you for sure why they don't salt, but I'm glad they don't. You can find a lot of old cars here. I just sold a '62 Falcon in immaculate condition.

p.s. Jodrod: It's true - we do rust, but I thought I heard that people in Florida wrinkle.....


I'm from the Northwest myself-and what we get up there is called "Liquid Sunshine!"

Washington is unique-only state in the union that has the following:

A combination of climates that take you from alpine scree to the only rainforest north of San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

One of the highest peaks in North America.

A drainage basin that is longer-mile for mile-than the Mississippi.

**********, **************************
Well thanks alot guys, you have painted quite a good picture for me. I was invited to do some motorcycling up that way to check out the clime because the people seem friendly as all get out.
By all means e-mail me if you're headed up this way.

Re. friendly people, true story: When I was in grad school a few years back I had befriended a guy from New York (I just realized his name is Gary!!!). We were out to lunch one day at a cafe across the street from campus. The waitress is at our table, taking our orders. She walks away, and Gary says to me "Doesn't that bother you?" I said "What?" He says "That waitress - doesn't that bother you?" "What about the waitress?" "She's so nice - doesn't that bother you?"

She was too sweet for him! Cracked me up.

Seatttle people are also famous for never honking our horns in traffic. However, now that we've "achieved" like - the 2nd or 3rd worst traffic in the country I can say for sure that I'm feeling a lot less civil on some days.
Sorry I didn't read your post while we were visiting up there (not a lot of time to keep up with this forum). Would have tried to meet up with you on the 10th as we were in Renton, bowling that day with our old t-bird club friends. Would have loved to get a photo of you & your new 'bird.

Agree about the road conditions when it snows - I always avoided driving on those days when we lived up there as I've had little reason in my past to need to learn to drive on icy roads. We were on top of "the Summit" in Bellevue on the 7th when it started snowing and were actually able to make it thru Bellevue on I405 and back up to Snohomish that night - George drove. You know the road conditions are bad when you see cars with front wheel drive and traction control just spinning their wheels and going no place.

They use lots of dirty sand up there when the roads are icy - had my Lebaron's windshield sandblasted twice - 2 weeks apart when the car was only 6 months old. Still driving around with that same windshield. Glad they don't use much salt (some is used on some of the bridges) as my Lebaron is still rust free after 12 years. Winter conditions are almost the same down here in north Texas though we tend to get many more warmer & drier days than up there.
Sorry I missed you. It takes me all of 15 or 20 minutes to drive to Renton from my place! I have no photos of the car yet, but will post some when I take them.

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