XM radio installation

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I'm sorry, but isn't there something better to do with the antenna than that? Here in Pennsylvania the car would not pass inspection because the antenna is blocking a portion of the third brake light. What kind of XM installation is it--the entire new head unit or the FM-modulated version? Let's see some interior pics of the installation.
The installation is the FM modulated version as I left the original head unit as is.
The other options for an antenna is a glass mount huge pole for the windshield, or a larger than the one I have that is attached to the side of the trunk like the old CB antennas..It's just a bit bulkier than the TERK that is on the center of my trunk. I had one installed in my C5 and they were able to put the TERK inside the car in the front of the windshield in the center.
Leon: Since the trunk is plastic, can you mount the antenna on the underside of the trunk? Or, why not mount it in the trunk floor? Also, how is it being held down on the trunk as you have it now?
The antenna has to have clear view of the sky to receive the satellite signal..so it has to be exposed.
It is a magnetic attachment but the plate is on the inside of the trunk...I think..I never really asked...
The reception is teriffic.
Someone else may know for sure, but it is my understanding that a "clear view" means no steel or other metal obstructions. Plastic should be invisible to the antenna and the reception should be fine if it was inside the trunk. If it's not too hard to remove the antenna, try it and see if you still get good reception. Let us know if you get a chance. Thanks Leon.
One Terk model uses an adhesive mount:

I,too, understood a ground plane (an area of electromagnetic reflection; usually bigger is better) was needed under the antenna. Great to hear the reception is good as shown.

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Leonk; What is the name brand of your radio, also the model number. It looks so good, I want to do the same.
Isn't there a portable version that you can take from car to car and also get an adapter to play over a stereo in the home..help. I live in a place where technology is the pits. Please help
There is a portable version but it needs a cassette player to get the power from.
I have seen it advertised but have not seen it in person.
Since the stock radio doesn't have a cassette it won't work in the TBird.
I stopped by a Sirius display in front of a Mobile One store here in Houston yesterday. In the cold, blowing wind, they had several cars displayed with the satellite radio set up in them. They offer an add-on, which looks like a wired remote, about 3/4 the size of a walkman CD player. The sales lady didn't know too much about it, and I didn't have time to go into the store to ask. Check out their website at www.siriusradio.com for more information. Their monthly rate is $12.95 for 100% commercial free radio. She said XM had some commercials.

I certainly don't want to replace the TBird radio, and I really don't want to cut a hole in the panel in front of the PRNDL. She said this wired remote could be connected anywhere, and stored in the glove box or console. There aren't any pictures on their website yet of this wired remote.

In addition to the Mobile One chain, Best Buy and Circuit City carry Sirius. I asked the saleslady who was the money behind them, and she didn't know. Their website mentions most major car manufacturers except GM. It mentions that Ford is going to start putting AM/FM/Sat in their cars, but it doesn't say when.

Decisions, decisions.

It's no big deal to cut a hole in the plastic panel, and for the future, I already purchased a brand new panel and hve it stored with my hardtop.
XM has major financial partnerships with GM and with Clear Channel (the Broadcast Radio folks). Sirius has deals with Ford and Chrysler and others to use their system as well as Panasonic to market radios.

The Sirius system was to be on the market over a year ago (their 3 satellites have been up for a long time and their NY studio complex has been up and running for several years) but they had problems with the chip that goes in the radios to de-code the signal. That had been farmed out to Lucent but I guess they cut too many jobs of people who knew what they were doing so the system was way late.

But for that small part of the puzzle, Sirius would have been on the market before XM and you'd all probably already have radios in your T-Birds that would be able to get the Sirius signal! The original plan was for Ford to start installing them late in the 2000 model year.
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