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XK Jaguar wheels

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by mad dog, May 7, 2017.

  1. Will the 2007-2015 Jaguar XK wheels fit on my one owner black Deluxe car? Any issues with offset, to rubbing? It is my understanding that te4h bolt pattern is the same. Please advise me of any potential problems or issues. Also, is anyone still offering a suspension upgrade for these cars? Brakes too?

    Thanks so much!

    Mad Dog is Seattle.
  2. Sierra977

    Sierra977 Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Jaguar XK wheels have same 5x108 lug pattern but offset seems different. Retros have the same 60 offset as Jaguar S-Type. XK seems to have 45-49 offset.

    Here's Jaguar S-Type R "Zeus" wheels on my 2004. They are 18x8.0 front and 18x9.5 rear.

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  4. So................, I noticed that you got your wheels from a firm that specializes in wheel fitment. Do you think they could advise me of the fitment of the XK or XKR wheel? I have had this car since new, it is 100% original. But, time for some new wheels.

    Suspension upgrade too. Not sure if anyone is still making a spring or shock upgare of brakes? Your thoughts?

    Best regards,

    MD in Seattle
  5. Sierra977

    Sierra977 Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Got the Jag STR Zeus wheels from Midwest Wheel & Tire so you might give them a call.

    My car got a complete new suspension. Eibach Springs, Lincoln LS Sport shocks, Jag STR sway bars, slotted and drilled brake rotors, EBC Red Stuff ceramic brake pads, braided stainless steel brake lines, new suspension bushings, corner balance and a performance alignment on a Hunter Optical alignment table.

    ETA The rear fenders are flared and spacered with carbon fiber panels.

    ETA2 Eibach springs are no longer available but H&R Springs makes some that fit. Motorcraft Lincoln LS Sport shock absorbers are rare and difficult to find now. You have to look for FoMoCo second and third tier providers for the parts - remember they are Lincoln LS Sport (or European) spec shock absorbers. Good luck.


    Last edited: May 10, 2017
  6. Good morning Sierr977!
    Thanks for all the info. I will contact Midwest Wheel and tire. You have done an excellent build-up on your car, and it shows it well. I like the idea of getting the car to handle better. Not bad as is, but could use cornering improvements.
    I like original, as I have a restored 1957 Corvette too.
    Did you replace the bushings with stock rubber or upgrade? It is obvious you have a passion for these Birds, and your research shows that. I don't want to become bothersome, but I too, like to do them "right". You efforts to flair the rear is EXCELLENT!!

    Mad Dog in Seattle
  7. Sierra977

    Sierra977 Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Mad Dog, Suspension bushings used are standard factory rubber bushings just new ones. Have used Delrin bushings on other cars and they are LOUD. Nothing wrong with that just used rubber this time. Can make Delrin bushings myself on a lathe but they are also available from some performance parts houses in England. Look for Jaguar S-Type bushings at places like Andy's Auto Sport, Paramount Performance and PPCGB.
  8. Sierra977

    Sierra977 Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Screen shot capture from a video of last Saturday's Dallas Cars & Coffee

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  9. What year and model of the Jag STR are you getting the sway bar from - any known part number will help too of course.
  10. Sierra977

    Sierra977 Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Sway bar came from a 2002 Jag STR. Part came from a salvaged STR on eBay. I don't have part number.
    Happy New Year and Best,
  11. Thank you very much.
    Now I'll go looking for one.

  12. Please forgive my ignorance on this sway bar subject, but:

    1. Is the Jag STR sway bar just a better replacement for an existing Tbird sway bar, or

    2. is there no factory Tbird sway bar at all?

    3. Is the Jag STR sway bar an under-the-hood over-the-engine type sway bar/stabilizer bar, or

    4. is the Jag STR sway bar an under-the-engine between-the-wheels type sway bar?

    5. Will the Jag STR sway bar bolt directly into the Tbird, or

    6. are any modifications to the Tbird itself or to the Jag sway bar needed in order to install the Jag sway bar on the Tbird?

    7. What length and thread pattern of bolts - and nuts if needed - are necessary to install the Jag sway bar on the Tbird.

    Thanks again,
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  13. Sierra977

    Sierra977 Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Sway-bars from Jaguar S-Type cars bolt up to Thunderbirds (and Lincoln LS) since all three are based on Ford DEW98 platform. 2002-2005 Thunderbirds all come from factory with both front and rear sway-bars. No modifications are needed, Ford rubber bushings will fit. Jaguar sway bar is tiny bit larger diameter but weighs a couple pounds more so my guess is the wall thickness is more.

    Ask if you have more questions.

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  14. Bird52

    Bird52 Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    I've got a question about upper and lower control arm bushings.
    Is it necessary to replace the complete control arm or can the bushings just be replaced.
    do they need to be pressed in and out with a press?

    Seems to me you have quite a bit of knowledge on these birds and hope you don't mine the questions.
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  15. Sierra977

    Sierra977 Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    As the car's suspension was completely disassembled, we used a press to remove/install. Don't think individual control arm bushings can be removed/installed without removing the control arm, but that's not to say it CAN'T be done. All four control arms are forged aluminum alloy and I personally wouldn't want to break or weaken them by hammering on them.
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  16. Bird52

    Bird52 Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Yes , I agree. I would take them off as well just don't like the idea of throwing out a perfectly good control arm just because it needs a bushing..
    The rear seems to have a slight shake . Replaced all wheels and new tires and it is still there.
    That is why I think it is the bushings.
    Nothing else back there, or is there something I missed?
    Appreciate your input.
    By the way the flares on your car are excellent, they look like they were part of the original car and look great.
    What size tires did you put under them?
  17. Sierra977

    Sierra977 Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Nick, The Jaguar Zeus wheels came standard on early S-Type R cars, so I installed the same size tires Jaguar specifies. Front are 245/45R18 and rear are 275/40R18. Tires currently on my car are Michelin Pilot Super Sport. Next tires will be Nitto NT01 competition street radials. Tire pressures I run are front 36 and rear 38. These pressures are what Jaguar specifies for speeds over 100mph.

    Most common cause of suspension rattles on our cars is worn sway-bar links. Cheap and easy to replace. Use good parts. I use Ford.
  18. Bird52

    Bird52 Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Thanks, have fun at your rally's
  19. Sierra977

    Sierra977 Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

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  20. Bird52

    Bird52 Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor


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