WS Radio & The Thunderbird Show

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Since I have been convinced to return yet again-

Saturday, March 9th at 8:00AM Pacific, 11:00 Eastern, the premiere of Thunderbird Radio takes place on-

No, that link is not misspelled-that is the URL for the talk show! It will be a two hour show, and you can listen live, or catch the archived version later. The show will be hosted by Dave Stall, San Diego's automotive broadcaster, and will feature call-in guests. I will be on the air at 8:20 Pacific, 11:20 Eastern, to talk about Thunder.

This program should be a good one, considering what they have done in the past-check out the current archives!

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Thanks for the tip. Just went and checked it out, looks interesting. At this time of morning (5:30 AM Eastern) I guess nothing is being broadcasted but I was able to go to the archives of the Camero show and listen to the show recorded on 2/16 (about 22 minutes long).

It is nice that it will be archived and you can listen on demand.

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