WOW...what a drive!

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We took delivery of our Tbird yesterday, and I wish I had the words to tell you how exhilirating it is to drive this beauty thru the city in its convertible mode. We got the premium, yellow, white top, full interior.

The touch of the pedal, the response of the brake system, the gawking eyes of those on the street and in passing cars is so much fun. I had a '55 Bird and remember vividly the front hood reaching out to grip the road, and this 2002 Beauty is such a reminder of those old, sweet days. How thankful we are that we live in this great country of American, and that our household has been blessed so that we could have this memorable Tbird as part of our lives!!

Let me end by saying, my impression as of today is it was well worth the "anxious" wait and effort!!

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You are so right. It is wonderful to look at, drive, think about.

I am grateful, also.

I am grateful about being able to own such a terrific car.

I am grateful for this discussion forum.

I am grateful for the fantastic group of Tbird lovers we have here in Georgia that love to have fun with the car.

I am grateful that Gary Whitaker is gonzo.

I am grateful for beautiful sunny days.

I am just plain grateful.

blue/blue/full blue prem
Vin 16050;Rotation 5856
Delivered 4/29

Best wishes on your new arrival. The wait has been long, but the rewards are great, huh?

If you were around the forum a year or so ago, you may recall some real griping that was posted about the wait. As you and Joel say, it's wonderful to have the opportunity to possess the machine, and to have the freedom to enjoy it. Many other things are far more important in life, so we should enjoy the pleasures when we have the opportunity.

Many happy "flying" miles to you!
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