World's Largest Gathering of New Thunderbird Owners

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"The Great Georgia Thunderbird Road Rally" is now less than two weeks away and, to my knowledge, this will be the largest gathering of new Thunderbird's with owners anywhere in the world!

We have reservations from about 40 Thunderbird owners (most of them 2002 Thunderbirds) to attend the gathering on May 4-5, through the mountains of North Georgia. Anyone else out there that is interested in attending this event, please contact me by e-mail at TbirdTim@*******.

We have people coming from lots of other areas, not just from Georgia.

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TbirdTim, Wish we could be there but that would be a major drive for us. About 12 to 14 hours stright thru drive for us. Hope we can get something together here in the northeast sometime this spring.

PS. I would have to bypass S. Carolina because of those PT's
Guess I'll hear about that remark.

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We have a great itinerery planned for the road rally. Our past events have led to some great times together and have reinforced the common bond that we share through our cars.

We would like to join all of you and your flock on the "Rally" There are only a couple of things stopping us , no car & NO CAR YET!!

Have a great time,

Can't make it to the Georgia Rally, but will definitely be at the Destin gathering. Ya'll talk it up when you get togrther on 5/4-5.
Have a good one.
The "Thunderbird D e s t i n a t i o n" event is already in the works. It will be October 18, 19, 20 at Sandestin Resort in Destin, Florida. I will be preparing all of the information about it in the next couple of weeks. This event location has been chosen to hopefully attract those from many areas of the South and many of those from the North that want to head to the beach in convertible form, prior to putting your hardtops on for the Winter. More news to follow soon!
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