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Today I made reservations to take a plant tour on January 11 @ 9:00AM. I'm hoping to meet up with our great friend WixomPooh and if anyone else from the forum is in the area, I'd be more than happy to meet you too!
I'll actually be arriving in Detroit on the 10th around 6:00PM, so if anyone from the area is up for dinner, I'd be delighted to meet up.

Not sure if I'll get to see my car come out of production or not. Seems as though things are way ahead of schedule, and my car may be done before I get there (darn it!). I was told that my car may be in the paint area as I type this, but the scheduler system couldn't tell us while I was on the phone this afternoon.

Getting super excited now...it's just 3 weeks from tomorrow!

VIN: 108391
ETA: 01/21/02

You know I will be more than happy to be your welcoming committee.
T02 Bird -

Too bad you are missing the Detroit Auto Show. I Try to get there every year, but it doesn't start until the 12th. I will most likely be in Detroit sometime the following week.

If Dave is your guide, say Hi for me. My wife and I took the tour on Sept 10th, and saw our Blue car at the end of the line. Tell him we love it! Have fun.

Well, I'm back from Wixom, and all I can say is AWESOME!!!

It was somewhat of a bittersweet trip as my tour was given on January 11, the day of the formal Ford announcement of their restructuring. Everyone on the Thunderbird line seemed to truly take pride in what they are doing and believe completely in the Thunderbird. I tried to tell everyone I spoke with what a fine job I thought they were doing, and how impressed I was with their committment to their product.

Now for the major SNAFU! When we first began the tour we started on the line where they have a Whisper White "test" model where if they have a specific problem they go to this model to rework the process. (I believe there's a picture of this in the Michael Lamm book) Anyway, when the tour guide made reference to this car as being just like the car I was getting imagine my horror as mine is supposed to be Thunderbird Blue. He then told me that the VIN I gave him was matched to a white car. I said I certainly hope not, and all the executives with us on the tour were truly concerned about this screwup. The guide said we would look further into it after the tour was over. I was so preoccupied over this that I called my salesman right there on the spot. He again read me the VIN and there was no doubt that we had the correct VIN at this point. When I told the salesman of the possible screwup he said he'd investigate on his end, as he read the DORA information back to me, and they definitely should be getting a blue car. After the tour was over we went to the computer to look up the VIN, and not only was it white, but it was a Premium. I ordered a Deluxe. The executive checking the computer said that he was 99% sure that the car arriving at the dealership would be white as they have to report VIN's to the FBI. This didn't make me feel any better, but they promised to rectify the situation. I spoke to my salesman again sometime later that day, and come to find out he gave me the incorrect VIN. He gave me the VIN for a stock order which was supposed to be white. He then gave me another VIN for a car that will be going into production this week.

Jodrod, my 'correct' VIN is 1FAHP60A82Y109312. Scheduled to come off the line W/E 1/14 and be at the dealer W/E 2/4. Executive says it should be at the dealership in FL between 10-12 days after coming off the line.

Nothing like giving me a small heart attack.

If any of you get the opportunity to get to Wixom, I would highly recommend it. There's nothing quite like seeing hundreds of Thunderbirds in various stages of production all around you!

By the way, the offical VIN's they were up to last Friday before lunch was 8,888.

Redbird, if you should see 9312 sometime this week, please let me know.



Just thought I would let you know that we watched out for the blue birds friday night

It was a pleasure meeting you
I surely hope that when your bird arrives that its everything that you desire.

Thanks Pooh,

It was really great meeting you too! I sincerely hope the layoffs don't effect you or your hubby.

You and your plant partner seem to have pretty good heads on your shoulders regarding quality control, so I'm sure my paint finish will be just fine! I wouldn't be surprised that one of the blues you saw Friday night was mine (can hope so anyway)

800# computer says build week of 1/14 so I would assume the bodies coming through paint on Friday night would be for next week.

Like I said in my previous post, everyone I got to speak to on Friday really took a lot of pride in their work and these cars truly show it. I'm sure my car will be just as awesome as everyone else that already has theirs.

Be good and keep warm. It's beautiful and 77 down here. Did it snow up there yesterday?

Take care,


Please let me tell you that your comment about my plant partner and I was a first. I don't think I have ever heard anyone say that we have our head on our shoulders. THANK YOU !!!!

We are very particular regarding quality and that is not always appreciated
Oh well

We are unclear to the job cuts right now. They really didn't give us any solid information just that some were coming in the summer. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

Let me know when you get your baby and what you think

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