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I am getting my bird ready to store for the impending 6 months of Minnesota Winter. I have never stored a car and am wondering what everyone else had done. I am going to keep it in my attatched garage (no heat but generally 10-20 degrees above the outside winter temps). I was planning on using STA-BIL fuel treatment and then fill the tank. I plan to start the car at least once a month and let it run for 15-20 minutes to get the exhaust system hot. ANY ADVICE IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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I live in Minnesota also. I've been through a storage winter with our Bird.

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DMIR Tbird: What you have explained about gas treatment is exactly what I have done in New England with my antique cars.
In addition, I cover the garage floor with plastic to keep the moisture out. It's surprising, in the spring, how much condensation is under that plastic
I live in the Northwest, plenty of rain here, but not the bittewr cold. I was told by my dealer's tech, not to put gas treatment in, keep 1/4 of a tank of gas and to start the car every 2 weeks or less. Get the oil up to temp. and if I can back the car out of the garage to prevent flat spots on the tires. I was also told that if the car sits to long the battery will go dead. They said while the car is sitting idle the computer is still active and keeping everything up to date so to speak and if you don't run it the battery will die.
Good luck.
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I just put my '02 Bird to bed for the winter with a nice cover, in a heated garage, by the way. It has 798 miles and will stay that way until spring. Out comes my '94 Thunderbird LX-V8. It has 7,231 miles and is much more suitable for going Xmas shopping. It is like new. If that doesn't work, I still have my '01 Lincoln for a backup. See you in the spring. I'm a Ford Guy GENE
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Thanks to everyone for the tips. I feel much better with the knowledge I-ve gained off this board. I too am driving my 94 Tbird in the winter (172,000-still looks great) and my 95 Tbird (112,000) is the back up. Still great running V-8s! Can't wait for spring and hopefully a few long drives in the new bird (285 miles).
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