Winter driving

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I was wondering how the Thunderbird handles in the snow and ice. I've read the topics on how salt can damage the car, but I couldn't find any comments on how it handles. If I get one, it'll have to handle the snow storms her in northern Indiana.



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just picked up a new bird this afternoon, slight rain fall. Did not handle the wet roads very well so I dont think it would be very good in the snow and ice
Must disagree with above posts. I picked mine up in November and now have 22,000 miles on it. The first 12 were in winter from Wyoming to Florida, to Oklahoma, to South Dakota and back to Wyoming. The tractions system that I don't fully understand alters the ABS brakes, the engine, and adjusts automatically while signalling you that a wheel has begun to spin. It works very well and starting and stopping on slick streets is almost not a problem. It is far superior to my 4 Wheel drive. Its the best winter highway car I've ever used.
Look forward to it. Its fun year round.
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