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Unfortunately I caught a rock in my windshield a couple of days ago while returning from California. I intended to have the chip fixed immediately but while sittling in my garage overnight, it took a 14 inch crack and probably isn't through. I ordered the new windshield and seal today from Ford, the only place you can get them, but no one knows how to install them. I found there are two different seals, the newest being on cars built after 6/4/01. My car was built on 6/1/01 so will take the older seal. Has anyone out there had any experience replacing the windshield and my second question is, why did they change seals? Makes me think the first ones were flawed. Thanks in advance for any information you might have. Blue/White full blue interior.

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Bob, As I recall, job 1 on the tbirds was June 4. Did your dealer tell you that yours was built June 1? or are you using the date that is on your door jamb? the date on your door jamb only tells you which month your car was scheduled to be built, not the actual day.

I also seem to recall that your car was actually built in July - sometime around July 21. Will have to look thru my old emails.

Bob, I just checked RTBRD's data and your car is listed as being built on July 23 - even think you had called the Wixom plant to find out about it and talked to Dave Davis that day.

I sent you the directions in e-mail.. I would think your dealer should know how to replace it.. or at least have the directions for the shop personnel to follow....

Just trying to help....
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