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Jun 3, 2002
Our dealer informed us when taking delivery that the side windows leaked when they washed our Bird. We have had it back twice with no fix yet. Dealer says they have contacted Ford to find a fix but have not recieved an answer yet. That was over three weeks ago. Has anyone else experenced this and if so what was the fix?

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my tbird has been in dealership 4 times for leak over the left corner of top. but while it was in this last time another ford dealership had a similiar situation a leak on the side window and ford had them to put a piece of material like in the top seal so that it would seal it seam to work for that bird. that dealership name is olathe ford have your dealership contact the body shop they even had pictures had to cure the problem.

blk bkl prem with blk top
Before anybody gets too excited, make sure you've recalibrated the window drop. It's in the manual.
I drove mine for about 300 miles through the Carolinas in what was left of tropical storm Hanna a couple of weeks ago. Looked for leaks around the soft top and found none. I agree with NCBlueBird about checking the window stops. Sometimes the windows can appear to up when they're not completely sealed. The other thing that I have noticed is that the joints in the rubber weatherstipping do not always join perfectly after raising the top. A bit of adjusting on those joints after raising the top may make a difference. If you're having problems with leaks around the front corners of the hardtop I would suspect the front securing screws. I've had to wrestle with mine a time or two to get a snug fit. One of the screws may be bottoming out before you get a good seal or you may have a thread problem.
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