wind noise

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Just picked up my bird last evening white/premium/hardtop. Drove great, but some windnoise behind the drivers left ear. Either coming from a seal or the hardtop latch assembly...any ideas. Its not too bad, much less than the original olds aurora. I am only 5'11, but bang my head on the hardtop getting into the car. Did everyone get a front license holder even if they requested it not to be put on. It was not in the trunk with the boot and the hard top appliance. Thanks to all for their valuable advice.

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You should have gotten the plate mount. The dealer puts it on and is in the trunk with the other stuff...

Thing I noticed is I used the bolts form the front mount (not on) to attach my plates on the rear cuz I didn't find attachment bolts for the back.

Not bad, 10 days from build to delivery.
Ford is getting better.
We get wind noise behind the passenger side that is from the door not closing as tightly as it can. Shutting the door hard stops the noise. We'll try the top down approach as soon as we get past pollen season in Florida (now that winter is over).

I don't think I have you listed in the database, at least not as b2bird, please see my post "VINs/Dates/Destinations II". Thanks.

Know what you mean about the pollen. We have quite a few pines on our campus and the last several days the car has had a greenish hue to it. Just about the time they stop the Florida oaks (27 of them around my building) will start and they are even worse. I guess the California Duster I got for Xmas will get a good work out.

BTW, Tleslie, that white is a beautiful car. I didn't think I would like it that much, but in person it is one beauty. I would even take that as my first car. (I have black)
Good luck with the wind noise. I did have some but it seems to have disappeared. Joy
As I posted in another thread, I picked up my car last Thursday and had an 8 1/2 hour ride to bring her home. Amazingly, absolutely NO wind noise with the hardtop. I'm quite impressed with the solid build too. Going over railroad tracks emits no cowl shake whatsoever! (At least with the hardtop on)

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