Why Are There So Many New T-Bird Available?

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The dealership is Able Ford located at 700 Sunrise Highway in Rockville Centre, NY. Their number is 516-766-0700. The consultant I dealt with was great. Her name is Janice Blair. If you end up speaking with her, tell her I gave you the info, she'll be very helpful. I picked mine up on 7/2. Good Luck!!

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Just to update the on going supply/demand curve of consumerism. There are about 20-25 2002 Tbirds within 15 miles of several Ford dealerships here in Houston. Charley Thomas Ford has 6 Tbirds on their show room floor alone. Lots of lookie loos, but no takers. They will deal at $1500-$1900 under MSRP if you are ready to sign. I decided to order an '03 which my dealer agreed on at $1900 under the '03 sticker based on what I spec. order.
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