Whose driving your new Bird ?

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A friend called this afternoon. Her son
had just phoned on his cell to say he was
driving a new T Bird across town.

He works at the Ford dealership in the
make ready dept. So you have a 17 year old
driving a new bird across town talking on
his cell phone. Bet he didn't see how
much was under the hood either. "Break in

The salesman I mentioned in an earlier post,
sat there and told me -- The T-Birds are
only handled by one person at the
dealership. Due the special nature of this
car we are treating them differently than our regular stock. Considering what have
been told previously by this person we are
off to a bad start.


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Check out my post on service. My friend owns the dealership who sold me my bird. He was the only person who had the keys, parked it in the showroom and trucked it to my house.

However, the service department and the mechanics are a completely different story. It is the novelty factor at work and you need to be on top of it.

Triple Black #1049
rt2esq - When I took delivery of my 01 Vette,
it was requested the car not be washed or
waxed. That was the way received the car
at pick-up. Ford may have a different
policy. Just feel it's our car and should be
able to take possession as desired.

The (Vette) salesman said this was a common
request and the dealership had no problems

He also has two customers when cars are
brought in for service bring a chair and
sit with the car. Laughed but they may be
making a very smart move. When take a car
in usually have to wait, would just assume
sit with the car versus what's in the waiting
My bird had 18 miles on it when I picked it up, 13 to dealer, 5-mile road test after service, and washed and waxed. I drove it home 13 miles, put it in a fancy heated garage, and there she sits with 31 miles on her. That's only part of the story. The other part is, I'm not taking her out till this darn lake-effect snow in Indiana quits.
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