Who is redbird & jodrod?

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I am still relatively new to this forum, and have thoroughly enjoyed every visit I have made to the discussion board. I just learned from redbird, with backup from jodrod, that my VIN 15688 was on the line and would be likely finished on Monday (4/15). I have been filling in my wife on each new development, and she just asked, who is redbird & and how could he know such incredible details?!! So eager to know more about redbird and jodrod! Thanks, pkboyd

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redbird is a Ford employee and as such has to remain anonymous but has good reliable information.

jodrod also posts under the name RTBRD_aka_jodrod (his preferred handle right now) and keeps track of all the data that owners send to him. He does not work for Ford but is doing the tracking on his own.

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jodrod is now RTBRD, just changed this morning. RTBRD is the tag on the Bird.

I have been following the new Bird on this board and the BON (Blue Oval News) board since May or June of last year. When I noticed that Ford was doing a very poor job of keeping customers informed of the progress of their cars, I decided to create a database that would allow me to track the cars as owners started receiving info on them. I currently have 924 TBirds listed in my database. This is why you will see repeated messages from me asking for data on any new members vehicle that I see. Without constant updates the projections will not be accurate.

It has been an excrusiatingly long wait for some and I think it helps to be able to see the vins climb.
You are so correct that it has been an ordeal waiting for our Tbird, which was ordered in January,2001. Again, thanks so much for your dedication & effort to keep "us" 2002 Tbird enthusiasts informed.

I too ordered mine in Jan. '01...the 23 to be exact. Just took delivery on 3/29...over 14 months waiting. Boy are you in for a treat...it is well worth the wait

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I'm so mixed up. Joe, Jodrod, RTBRD_aka_jodrod, RTBird ... I've been here for close to 2 years now, (Incuding the old BON Forum) and I STILL don't know who he is.
Maybe I can see his picture in the post office?
PLEASE JOE -- Stay with this one for at least 4 days!
It will now be RTBRD, RTBRD_aka_jodrod was just temporary until everyone got used to the transistion. You will probably see jodrod pop up every now and then because that is the name I need to use to have moderator privileges.
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