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I was looking at a Black 57 T-Bird and noticed how good it looked with it's large whitwalls. I was wondering if anyone out there had the ability to post pictures of the new T-Bird in the various colors with large whitewalls. I would really like to see what it looks like and I'm sure others would too. I'm thinking that those of you that can work your way around a computer may be able to do this. Thanks in advance for posting or at least trying.

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July or August time frame

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I'll have pictures of the real thing in a few weeks. I'm putting whitewalls on my yellow-white as soon as it arrives. 12126 due week of 3/10

Any info anyone has on where to find White side Walls would be appreciated. I haven't been able to find anything in a suitable tire. I think the wide white walls would be a perfect accent to my red with white top prenimun
I have been looking for a whitewall for my black/black 2002 tbird every where, the only 17" w/w tire that I have found is made by Vogue but it also has a yellow stripe on it. I have taken a picture of my tbird & with computer programs drawn a white wall on the tire. (I think it looks great) however I do not know how to insert a .gif file so all can veiw it. Any leads to where to find a 17" white wall, I would appreciate.
Nashtbird sent some pics of whitewalls and they are located at:

White Wall Pics

The picture with the deluxe wheels (WW Promo) is a promo shot and the other (nashtbird)is a computer generated whitewall on the the front wheel, unfortunately this one did not transfer very well.

The photos are the last two of the group.

If I remember correctly, you can get white walls from JC Whitney. They are the wide white walls that secure to the rim. you need to deflate the tire place them around the rim and than inflate the tire again. I think they are about 4" wide. That is the type of whit wall I am talking about.

I remember those snap-on whitewalls from working at Grand/Auto many years ago! I worried then, and would still worry now about something that is only secured at the rim flapping in the breeze and tearing itself apart at highway speeds. You would also need to measure the rubber from the wheel to the ground to see how much whitewall you could put on - the new high-performance/low-profile tires have more metal wheel and less rubber tire than those of old!

BTW, a search of JC Whitney did not find any add-on whitewalls, but I did a quick Internet search and found www.whitewallsplus.com. They make/sell whitewall tires and it might be worth a look. Also, www.itbuk.co.uk makes/sells whitewall tyre paint.


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I'm putting whitewalls on my yellow/white. They will be about 2 inches wide which is all our big wheels and performance tires can handle. as soon as i get them i'll post pictures.
Hi everyone!

My wife and I are new to this site and to Thunderbird ownership! We have the Black/Black/Black Accent Premium Package and are considering buying whitewall tires for the T-Bird.

Now, we are not the kind of people who make a general practice out of "tricking out" our cars, and we don't want to alter the fantastic original look. But we have always really liked the look of the whitewalls on older cars. I think it may look great. Has anyone out there put whitewalls on? If so, where is a good place (or type) to buy? Thanks!
I also wanted whitewalls, but the rims are so big that whitewalls would look weird in my opinion. I did check around and couldn't find any anywhere. I really considered doing this in the beginning cause I wanted the white top on blue. I ended up getting blue/blue full accent...which is really nice. Good luck finding the white walls.
Originally posted by DavidA:
Try http://www.pixhost.com/pixs/susibill/debsthunderbird.jpg http://www.pixhost.com/pixs/susibill/debsthunderbird2.jpg

Also, do a search for "white walls" and read some of the posts there.
Thanks for all of the replies. I'm really not sure if I plan on going forward with the white walls or not. I thought about vulcanization but when we asked our local tire dealer about this, he stated that the sidewall usually comes loose in a year or so and its very noticable. The trick is being able to hunt down the right tire for this particular car, I'll be keeping my eyes open!

Black/Black/Black Acc. Prem.
Did anyone get their whitewalls from Diamond Back Tires, as they are a manufacturer ?
Thanks for any info Richard in Memphis
Diamond Back Tires now has wide whitewalls in many 17 inch sizes, has anyone one bought them?
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