White TBird w/ Full Color Interior

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For those that have looked all over the web for pictures of a white Thunderbird with full color interior, I have posted my pictures to Jodrods Yahoo Group site: newtbirddata. Such pictures are scarce anywhere on the web, showing this combination in any single photo.

Try the following link to my pictures, if it works: http://photos.groups.*********/group/newtbirddata/lst?.dir=/New_Rides


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TbirdTim: Great pics (the link works). Boy am I jealous. I didn't at all care for the color option in the interior until I saw it in your white job, beautiful.

Jim Williams
'98 Lincoln Continental & waiting for red/red/blk premium Bird
Yes, the white with the full red accent interior is definitely more attractive each and every day that I drive it. Without any pictures anywhere on the web showing this combination of colors in one single photo, I was a bit nervous about my decision to buy the Thunderbird this way, but it truely is a unique combination!

I have people in my office park going from office to office, looking for the "owner of the white TBird in the parking lot", trying to find me. I have shown the car to lots of people that I don't know. I have even shown it to Flybird, who found me through this message board and has one ordered the same color combination as mine. I already have had an offer of $7,000 over MSRP for the car, but I'm not selling this one! All of the compliments are very much appreciated.
The link doesn't work for me, did something happen or is it pilot error?

Tom M
Tom M,
2 things are happening - you must be a member & signed in to get to the photos on the site
Try from this page: http://groups.*********/group/newtbirddata/

There are quite a few pictures that have been added to the site recently by members so joining just may be worth it.


Thanks, I got it!

I'm slow to catch on, but I do get there eventually....

Tom M
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