where's the "how to paint hub caps turquoise thread?"

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for the life of me, i can't find it. (i did find one post which mentions 4 colors to combine to make the color, but wasn't there a thread that mentioned how it was done, and with what kind of paint.?)


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I haven't tried it on my wheels yet, but I bought some Thunderbird Turquoise blue paint from Larry's Thunderbird in California. I used it on the valve covers on my '57 t-bird, which is what it is made for. It is the same color used on all the classic t-birds emblems. their web site is www.larrystbird.com
their phone number is: 1-800-854-0393
I have purchased many items from them for my little bird and found them to very realible. Just so you don't think this is an ad for Larry's I think most classic thunderbird parts dealers may carry the paint
It comes in a small bottle and costs $7.95 but there is also a minimum shipping charge of $6.00. The bottle is very small and I think it is enought for the 4 wheels. I did my valve covers 3 times and still have some left. (not the whole valve cover just the t-bird emblem). Maybe if they get enough calls or we ask and tell them we found it on this site recomended by a customer they will make us a special shipping price for this small bottle. Can't hurt to ask. I will try to call them today and see what I can find out
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