Where in the World is N. Schwartzkoff??

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Several of us are busy making the exciting plans for Thunderbird DESTINation.

What an incredible TBird weekend this will be, thanks to TBirdTim and his creativity and hard work.
And what a great location...right on the prettiest beach in the World in a fabulous resort. Wait until you see some of the fun things that are going to happen, thanks to Tim and DavidA. Sometime, today or tomorrow, you will get the first glimpse of this incredible event.

Anyhow, I have been busy lining up special guests for this weekend and followed up on a tip that appeared on this forum on April 29. It said that somebody went into a dealership in Wesley Chapel, Florida and saw a new TBird with a "Sold to N. Schwartzkoff" sign on it.

So I called the dealer, hoping to get some contact info so I could invite Stormin' Norman to our great event.

Well, it turns out that somebody put that sign on the car as a joke...the General never bought a TBird at that dealership and the Army has since moved him to an undisclosed location as a precaution against all of the crap going on in the World with terrorists.

So, that is how rumors get started.

Nevertheless, we do have some very special things planned for DESTINation in October.

If any of you have an in with any celebrity owners, please send me a email and I will be glad to follow up and try to get them to attend our event.

Look forward to seeng ya'll in Destin.

blue/blue/full blue prem
Vin 16050;Rotation 5856
Delivered 4/29


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joelja and Tbird:

Sorry for the bum info! I'm usually not that gullible. As far as this event was concerned, I fell for it hook line and sinker. Certainly, a believable story, since the Tbird has a rather pretigious follwing!

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