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Can anyone out there tell me if you can find out where you are in the ordering list and when and what number your T-Bird will be in production.

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Until you get a VIN - and that's only assigned a few weeks before the build - your production date is uncertain. However, if you know your priority number or position in the dealer queue, you can approximate. The highest priority is 10, next is 11, and so on.

I have a priority of 16 or #7 in my queue. Since my dealer's allotment is 24, I expect delivery about 7/24 [~4 months] into the model year. Now the Job1 date was recently reported as June 3rd, which would put my delivery in October. Ford announced there would be a delivery freeze on the first 90 days of production, but that cars would ship at an accelerated rate once the hold was over. So I'm still expecting my new car around October. Confusing? You bet! This is Ford customer service, after all.
My dealer is getting only two cars.Both cars ordered same day,mine first.Red bird got vin# 3 weeks ago,my black bird still has no vin.We can get snow as early as Oct.in the great white north.Happy to get my car but wish it would arrive before I have to store it for winter. Kevin
Called the Neiman Marcus hotline this week and was told that they haven't received vin's or delivery dates from Ford. They are planning to send letters to the NM purchasers as soon as Ford provides this info.
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