Where does the engraved nameplate go?

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It's supposed to go in the front of the ledger, in place of the cardboard "dummy" that's there in the pocket now. If you want to, I'm sure you can glue it to the dashboard -- perhaps in the aluminum trum in front of the passenger.
I had a feeling it was supposed to go in the ledger, but...I would never in a million years want to keep it there. I want it in the car!
I don't think there is another one coming later. With Ford Collection #5, you get a phony paper "plate" with nothing engraved on it, and you send in your request for the "real" one, which will arrive 6-8 weeks later. Is that what you meant, jodrod? As far as I know, that's all we're getting.
I thought I read on an older post about another plaque but the one being recieved might be the one referred to. I was not able to locate the thread I was thinking of.
PB, I think it was suggested that the plaque can also be attatched to the blank plate in the stack, behing the gear shift knob. Not really sure where I remember this from, but-----------. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Joy
Isn't the traditional place on the driver's side door sill? Seems like I've seen them there on custom cars. I think I even recall seeing a concept T-bird with such a plate. It's the difference between understated and obvious.
Good ideas, Joy and tr. Unfortunately, the blank area in the stack is curved, so that it would not be possible to attach a flat object to it. The door sill has some ruts and grooves that would pose the same problem; the Thunderbird logo plate that is already installed there is recessed into the rubber.

I'm thinking that the two most logical places now might be either (1) the aluminum trim on the inside door panel, or 2) the aluminum trim on the passenger side of the dash, as David suggested. When all of us start receiving our nameplates, I'd be interested to hear where others are mounting them.
Does it say anywhere in the description what the plaque will be made off or what it will look like? I haven't received anything yet from the Thunderbird Collection (late enrollee) but when (if) I do, the plaque will have to look very good and have some quality of continuity with the interior to end up in there. It could end up mounted in the trunk where someone had mounted his extra set of wings, if I don't think it would look good displayed inside the car.


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If you have a Bird, I don't think I have you listed in the database, at least not as Leon Emmons. Would you mind posting the info requested in the "VINs/Dates/Destinations" thread?
Where is this "Ledger" with the cardboard dummy everyone was talking about? I thought maybe they meant the "header" (upper winshield) but saw no cardboard dummy there.

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I am thinking of putting the build sequence number on it. Although my VIN is 2532 it was the 2167th one built. You can find the sequence # on one of the VIN labels that are on the hood, trunk, fenders (front and rear) and the doors and maybe elsewhere, these are the ones that I have found. Mine was located on the front left fender in the engine compartment. Thanks to redbird for alerting me to this.
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