Where can I track production with a VIN number?

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Call 1-800-962-3746

Select the voice response system

You need your dealer code, your dealer can give you that or its on the windsheild of any vehicle in the dealer's lot.

You need your VIN.

The system will prompt you for the dealer code + VIN number.

And give you the status of your order, I noticed that the system seems to get updated once a week.

Note that if you are having difficulty having the system recognize some of the letters like "T"/"P", when the system sais "is this correct", respond "NO" and it will propose an alternate comprehention. Normally "T"/"P", "A"/"K", "N"/"M" are letters difficult to understand..

USE A LAND LINE (No wireless or cell) the quality will help when getting the system to recognize your voice.
03 Tbird,

Please see my thread "Database Info for the New Birds - post here", thanks.

If I have your vin I can make a guess at the build/eta dates. However, these may be a little off now, I understand that the cars are not leaving the factory on a regular basis right now.
The best way to follow the production and delivery scheduling for your vehicle is to watch the other vehicles progress on the Vin build/eta data base or call your salesperson on Fridays for the latest status. The scheduling system gets updated on Thursday evenings so calling every day won't change anything.

Ford doesn't want retail customers calling on the dealers exclusive numbers. It ties up the system for ligitimate users. If you get an operator, they won't be happy with you! Your salesperson got a big commission on your purchase, have them check for you and compare that information to the vin data base.
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