When should I polish my Bird??

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I received a bottle of Ford Custom Clear Coat Polish with my white T-Bird. I asked my dealer if I should apply it now or wait a few months. I remembered that on some cars you are supposed to wait until the paint "cures". Two weeks have now gone by and the dealer is still researching the question with Ford.

Does anyone know when the polish should be applied?
Our former and still beloved Wixompooh states we can wax anytime as the paint has been cured. See the threads on special wax and kits. I like the Zaino system.
People please.

Polish and Wax are NOT the same thing.

I blame Turtle Wax for this.

I really wonder if Ford know the difference either? I questioned WHY they sent a polish with a brand new car???
David Davis, who handles the tours at Wixom, told me that polish was and should be applied to the area under the hard top gasket when you have the top off. We did not talk about when to do it, but I got the impression it should be done fairly soon. If anyone has some knowledge on this topic, please sign in.

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The Ford custom clearcoat polish included with the vehicle should be applied to the hard top gasket seating area according to the instructions that were enclosed. It didn't say, but I would assume that this should be done each time before replacing the hard top along with a careful cleaning of the gasket. I mentioned in an earlier thread that my Lincoln dealer's black Tbird had damage after only 500 miles.

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Still... A polish has a cutting agent. Used to remove imperfections.

Is it a protectant or a polish?

Still stand by... I don't think Ford understands the difference.
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