Wheelchair in the trunk

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Eugene Braden

I am wheelchair bound, took delivery of my 02 Thunderbird 12-15. I should have been happy, right? I was not. The wheelchair did not fit in the trunk. My heart fell at least two feet. My son, who is a big body-builder, came to my house on Christmas Day and I put his muscles to work. We tore that trunk apart. Guess what? The chair now fits. After waiting three years for this car, I'm happy again. We even have two inches to spare. I've tried a smaller wheelchair but it just does not work for a man my size.
If it was a vette, you wouldn't be able to even get out of the seat.

I can't imagine getting in and out of a low to the ground bucket seat car if I had a problem walking of any sort (cronic back problems etc etc)

This is the wheelchair bound member.
Did you ever hear of a transfer board (sliding board)? I slide from the wheelchair to the bucket seat getting in the car, and do the reverse getting out. Works good.
Have a couple of members on the vette forum.
They evidently have no problem. Car set up
for hand controls. Some organization had
a vette that toured the car shows
that was set up for handicaps. The chair
would be problem but true of any 2 seater.
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