Wheel Styles

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Thanks to all that have voted on my Wheel Fantasy page over the last 9 months that it's been on. I'll keep the votes open for newcomers for another 2 months then close it.

So far it looks like the 2 wire look styles are the most popular. Hope Ford has found that page and is taking notes.

Though only 121 votes have been tabulated, the page has received about 3000 hits in the time it's been on so there are a lot of people that haven't voted. Have you!!?

Wonder how many of you noticed that the "painted daisy" style wheels are very similar to the premium style wheels - only the centers have been painted and the spokes are white instead of chrome?

I may come up with another wheel page after the voting is closed since wheel styles do change with time but don't hold me to it - it's a "been there, done that" kind of deal with me.

Dot, tbird blue w/white top on order, #18/26 the New T-bird

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Dot, I don't know how you got the wheels on the TBirds but ever since the Mystery tour and the black 56 with wire wheels on it I have been looking.

Check out the 470 series wheels and spinners under TruSpoke option.

Bob - 106496

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