What's cool about the Thunderbird

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After one week of ownership, I have an opinion about the things I like best about my new bird (and some I don't)

I am in love with the dash mounted ignition
Crazy about the speed sensitive radio volume
I think the windows cracking a little upon opening the door and the wheel tilt upon ignition is just as cool as "Christine".

The sunvisors need help
The passenger seat should be 6 way too
I hate having to slam the trunk, should be a Lincoln type power latch

What do you like most about your new ride?

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flyboy514, what I like best about my new ride, IT'S A 2002 Thunderbird. Nothing else to say.

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I enjoy the near lack of wind buffeting in the '02.
The styling is not only classy it will be legendary!
The green Glow of the gauges at night are very warm for such a COOL CAR.
The acceleration is very good for this icon.
Seats are comfortable, leg room for everyone, good headroom,but not made for leaf-eaters, who should just pop the top.
Good size trunk. Good CD player.

Needs memory mirrors/seats/auto dimming inside rearview mirror.
Better sounding exhaust and a classy clock on the dash, not LED but something with the green Glow in the dark like the speedo and tach.

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