What We Do? What are Our Hobbies?

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I make natural hair replacements for men women and children.www.mrexecutive.com I have been in business for over 29 years and have met many interesting people.My hobbies are snow skiing and stock car racing. I put our hair replacements to a real test by having Nascar clients.My wife Sherry and I celebrated our 24th anniversary last week and I thank God for her everyday. We have two great children Shawn who is finishing is engineering degree at Iowa State and works for a Nascar team in the summer Jenny who just graduated from high school and will be going to college in the fall. I enjoy the friends that I have met on this site and hope to see you in August when we join you in Joplin MO.


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I took an early retirement from Florida Power's Crystal River Nuke (Licensing and Compliance) and joined my brother's patent, trademark and copyright law firm. Although I'm not a lawyer, there's plenty for me to do. I also enjoy boating (own both sail and power) and photography (just converted to a Fuji Pro S-1 digital).
I'm single and spend most of my spare waking hours dreaming about my red/red '03!

I am the manager of a coal fired power plant, and have been with the investor owner utility for almost 38 years, plan to retire when I get in 40 years. I play a little golf, have a ham radio licence (N5YDU), have always loved cars, but Tbird is my 1st car just for the heck of it. Have been sailing since 1978, started with a 21 foot and have moved up to a 25 footer. We have a trailer at a lake (I keep the boat there) about 125 miles east of Stillwater and spend most summer weekends there--a lot of the fall, spring and winter too. Wife is into genealogy and spends a lot of time on the computer doing research. She has met many people that way as I have on this forum. And last but not least, I spend almost every night reviewing this forum!!!!

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Joelja and I have another thing in common. I plan to retire at 51 (this year) from little blue [Intel]. I have had several jobs there, including chip design - have my initials on the 486 and Pentium masks. I'll probably continue consulting on the side, but plan to devote my spare time to various hobbies. I travel the globe chasing total eclipses of the sun [17, so far]. The next will be in December in the Indian Ocean and then in 2003 it's off to Antarctica. One new hobby I hope to pursue is creative writing. I'd like to chronicle the story of the 2002 T-bird and its owners. I see some book potential on the subject. We're a special group with many stories to tell.
I grew up in Seattle, Washington and always loved Tbirds. This gentleman had 5 on my paper route and he used to let me sit in them on nice days. I always dreamed of owning one. As a treat he would always give me this sheet of paper (I was young and didnt know what it was - some sort of stock certificate for this Boeing Co.) I finally turned them in to buy the bird. I am 39 and practice family medicine in Findlay, Ohio. My hobbies are golf, fly fishing and learning about how to care for ragtops... P.S. I have been to Zillah and it is a wonderful place.

Originally posted by tr cruiser:
Joelja and I have another thing in common. I plan to retire at 51 (this year) from little blue [Intel]. I have had several jobs there, including chip design - .

Why do my SANDRA benchmarks on my AMD 1700+ 1.45 GHZ chip equal that of a P4 2 GHZ? Is this all bolony?
Heh, heh... I'm staying far away from any chip wars debate, other than to say my initials - and that of the other Intel designers - also appear on some of the early AMD masks.
I work for Ga. Power Co. in the accounting dept. I am one of 3 guys who travel throughout it's system counting it's beans. I love my job which may explain some of my warped sense of humor, along with being a bono fide "Redneck".
My wife and I have 3 Springer Spanials (we breed them) 3 cats, 2 koi, and one goat. Oh, we also have one son who found himself a wife. No grandchildren yet but hopefully practice will make perfect.
RicahrdS, we also do the hitting the craft and antique shop thing (she shops while I sit or stand around and people watch).
My main hobbies are NASCAR, college football, working in my shop and on my 66' bird, and the occasional round of pitiful golf (joel, if you ever need someone to pummel in golf I'm your man), and of course our newest hobby would be getting together with our Tbird buddies here in Ga. and on this forum.

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For you guys in Georgia, My wife Sandy owns an antique shop in Gainesville. She's got great stuff at even better prices. She'd love to see you. As for me, I am a film editor by trade, specializing in sound effects & music. I had built several TV studios and then went into the cable TV business. I am semi-retired and now work at a local university where I built and maintain the TV studio, radio station and 2 cable channels. I am 56 and she is 54, 3 kids and 2 grand children. Oh, I've been a car nut all my life and have owned over 150 of them. I've collected, sold, worked at dealers and just love cars.
I have worked for the Federal Government for over 26 years as a bank examiner. I transferred to NC about 11 years ago from NM where I spent most of my life. I would like to retire soon, but will probably work for another 8-10 years.

My hobbies include fishing (although I haven't done that since I moved to NC), traveling, auto racing (Indy cars while in NM and now I'm hooked on NASCAR) and of course the obvious, the 2002 Thunderbird. While I call myself a Blue Oval man, I have owned other manufacturer's automobiles.
I have been a firefighter for 27 years.
I love the hours and the comradery, the work is so satisfying and challenging.
I am a Captain and run a three bay 25 bed Fire station and a 6 person telesquirt operation. We have about 4 calls per day and cover fire/ems/highway and hazardous materials calls.
I work where I was raised. I hope to retire in 5 years.
I love my family, new grandchildren and my cars are most satisfying stress relievers.
I enjoy the comradery this board offers very much.

Keep on posting fellow Thunderbird people!

'56 Fiesta Red Bird
'02 Neiman Marcus Bird
Can't find a better way to Fly!
If the bird finally comes in I don't know
what will do. Seems like the last two
years have involved this car.

Have had to curtail hobbies some, running
out of space in the house. Interest in
Southwest and Western collectibles. Have a
mess of those die cast cars.

Attend quite a few Corvette events. Might
look into the Thunderbird club when see the
"whites of the cars eyes".
I am 56 years old and have worked for 29 years for an independent oil & gas exploration/production company. I served in several capacities, currently as a government affairs representative (lobbyist) covering Louisiana, Alabama/Florida, Montana & N.Dakota.

I am deeply involved in vintage tube radios, collecting and restoring. Currently co-own a multi-dealer antique mall and adjacent building in West Monroe, LA. Look to retire in few years, spending time in the antique mall and establishing a small vintage radio museum.

Previously owned a Golden Rod yellow '55 T-bird, and looking to take ownership of a yellow '02, of which I finally received the VIN on March 28.

Have enjoyed growing in the computer and internet, especially "newthunderbirdforum.com"!
I am an Insurance Managing General Agent(wholesaler)and I have always loved things with engines that need work. I have a 71 Rolls Silver Shadow that took 3rd concours in class at the National Rolls Royce meet in Virginia a few years ago. I have a 1987 Harley Heritage that is just finishing up with a maginficent restoration/customization and remain bssically stock. I have had fishing boats up to 36 feet. BEsides my beautiful blue premium with black accent 2002 Bird.In other words, I am a sick puppy with way too many obsessions and compulsions.
By the way, I am looking to trade the Rolls for a 57 bird or maybe a 60 box convertible
After being in Manufacturing Management for 40 years, I retired and then got totally bored. So now I help troubled companies work out their issues on a part time basis and I am having fun.
When I first heard that the new T-Bird was coming I decided that it was time for my '56 to go. That was two years ago, what a mistake that was. I've lost two years of "birding".
Then last year I sold my '41 Ford Woodie Wagon. So now I work part time, have no fun cars to drive and continue to call the 800# faithfully every week. But, I'm convinced by all the great postings here that it will be well worth the wait. Thanks to all!!!!
Let's see - I feel I must jump on for the young-ones out here (I'm 26)... I am an implementation consultant (computer geek extrodinaire) for a local software company in Seattle (not Microsoft) - I am originally from Colorado and have always been facinated with the old Tbirds. As a child, I'd go to the car shows and stare at them for hours.

I play Guitar, Bass, piano, Sax, and violin - I am in the middle of recording some of the music I have written. Also, I am in the middle of writing 2 books. I travel for work (quite a bit I might add) so, writing gives me something to do while away from home.

I'm a single fella so, there is a certain amount of friends, jazz clubs, and skirt chasing...

Steve W
Well, here goes. I grew up in a Ford environment as my father was the manager of a Ford dealership in a small town in Texas. When I graduated from Texas A. & M. I talked my father into ordering me a '56 Thunderbird (He complained about it, said "Why don't you get a nice 4-door sedan"). I was driving it when I met my wife of 42 years. Still have the '56 TBird. My wife too. The TBird was our only car for seven years.

When the new Thunderbird was announced I was trying to decide what to do about replacing my old Sable. I hadn't gotten this excited about buying a new car in years. When I announced my decision to my family, my youngest son said, "Dad, why don't you get a nice 4-door sedan". He was somewhat abashed when I told him who he sounded like.

I retired from woking in the oil business for 37 years. We now live in Franklin, TN, just south of Nashville. I do a bit of computer consulting. My wife retired from being a librarian about two years ago. She graduated college as a school teacher, later got her Master's in library science and specialized in small techinical libraries. She now concentrates on making fabric art and has won a number of prizes at the state fair.

I work a bit, play tennis, and play sax in a couple of bands. For the last 2 years I have been taking jazz lessons from the Nashville Jazz Workshop. Maybe one day I'll get the hang of it.

I got my white 2002 TBird on December 24th last year. My main new year's resolutions this year is to DRIVE MORE. I sure plan to do it and am looking forward to more trips in that great car.

VIN 106587 White, White, with chrome hood scoop bezel
Great topic, my turn..
I have quit the construction business,
(retired implies current income from it).
Since 1973, we were developers, general contractors, plumbing, heating & air cond. contractors in Ridgecrest, Ca., a small support town for the China Lake Naval Weapons Testing Center (CLNWC), which is approx. 100 miles no. of San Bernardino, Ca.
Our main hobby is golf, however, cars have always been an addiction. Our new yellow t-bird has become an obsession, as has this web-site. We are looking forward to a lot of traveling w/t-bird this summer. Planning on thunder on 66 if possible. Our kids live in Salem, Or., & I wouldlove to stop by hobobob's on one of our trips.
Gene & Karen -yellow/yellow full accent, floor mats, chrome bezel, t-birds in portholes, t-bird shirts, and a room full of stuff from year of waiting.
I know I'm alittle late, but here goes. (This retirement keeps you busy!!!)
I retired 3 months ago from Bell Telephone and I loved my outside job as a Telephone splicer/lineman. My outside activities include first and formost my motorcycle riding. I now intend to see more of the USA by bike and now convertible. I love digital photography, thought not good at it, love anything electronic , have a great home theatre, and can't wait to get a flat screen tv. I baby my pets also, have had some cats that lived into their 22nd year (Siamese) I now Have two cats and one Lakeland Terrier,and volunteer at the humane society. Also do some donation time to Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Research. Mostly bike related .
I wish my bio was as exciting as some that are on this board, but I seem to stir up my fair share. Joy
I thought I'd log into the thread with my story. I am a System Administrator with Verizon (telecommunications). I work with IBM mainframe 'puters and am DOS stupid, so desktop 'puters are out for me. I have 30+ years and want to retire soon. My hobbies are cars, cars and cars. We (thenewtbird2) have a '56 Continental mark II, '57 Ford Country Sedan (stationwagon) that Dot's parents bought new, a '57 Thunderbird, '89 Chrysler LeBaron GTC conv Dot's (daily driver), 2 '89 Chrysler TC's by Maserati (one 5 speed and one auto), a '93 Ranger Splash (my daily driver) and the '02 that we're still waiting for. The '57 Bird was fully restored in '88-89 and has about 75K miles on it since then. It had 152K on it when I tore it down. The station wagon is next for restoration and the Mark II will follow it. The TC's are still in good to excellent condition and both are fun to drive. I will probably have to restore Dot's LeBaron some day as she will not trade it in for a new car. Anyone that is in the Yakima, WA area just has to take Hobobob up on a visit. He has more stuff than anyone I know. Plan on a couple of hours to go through it all !!!!!!!!
We try to see them every few years and there is always something new when we visit.
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