What vin numbers is Ford running now?

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Still birdless in Ohio. Trying to obtain some information from the board, as our dealer is not getting their allotment as they are suppose to be. 14 of 26 and have not heard a beep, that our order is in the pipeline. Dealer doesn't care if our order is cancelled or not. Been waiting 14 months since order went in...guess we will ride it out. Is Ford "picking" up the pace to ensure delivery of the 02's before 03's go into production? Seems to be running out of months.


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Hang in there TwinBird a lot of us are still waiting. Let me tell you my story.

I am 17 out of 25 in Sarasota,Florida.
After 10 months of waiting I moved and called the Dealer to advise of my new address and home phone and cell phone numbers.(not only did I call but sent an E-mail) I was told that my salesman has moved on and was asked "Oh, did you order a car" DID I ORDER A CAR!!!!! After complaining to them about their record keeping. I called Ford Costomer service who was useless and told me to call the Dealer. After two months my old job called and told me some guy from Florida called about a car. I returned the call and it my Ford Dealer (new Salesman) to "keep in touch" at which I responded if you want to keep in touch why did'nt you use my correct phone numbers I provided several months ago. No clue, record keeping again I guess.
Anyway some are still waiting and if mine ever comes in I hope they can find me. But I would not bet on it.
(boy do I feel better venting this)
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