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Hello... my dad is recieving his new Thunderbird shortly.. I won't say who he is. I might embarass him or something. Anyways, i've done a little of my own photoshopping to see how well he could pimp out his car. Here is what i came up with. Some of it may be a bit extreme (like no legendary fake hoodscoop), but look at it for what it can become, not what it was. Anyways, here:

(can i post pictures in the forum? or do they have to be links.. i'll try both)


Thats the first picture I've seen of the new Bird without the hoodscoop. Not bad!

It is not widely known, but in 1957 Ford considered droping the hoodscoop on the Bird, as it wasn't needed with the lower profile aircleaner used that year. They even stamped out a couple of hoods without the scoop.

Lowered and with what appear to be 19-20" wheels and tires, your fantasy 02 Bird looks more agressive and sporty. I even like the deep blue color!
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