What do I do?

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I ordered two identical T-Birds from two different dealerships. One for my wife and one for me. Both are red premiums with black accents. The first is due before the end of the year, the second is due next April.

I just lost my job.

I'm confident that I can take delivery of the one next Spring, but am a little nervous about my ability to afford the imminent one.

Should I just call my dealer and cancel my order? Buy it and resell it? (I'd probably have to pay 8% sales tax, so any profit is questionable).


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Sorry to hear about the job.

I would have to have the car sold with
$$$$ in Hand to take delivery, if it was me.
Perhaps you should talk to the dealer
about letting the first one go and try to
work out a deal on a 2003. He should be happy to let someone move up on his list.

You might also try E-bay. Maybe a little over what you will be out would entice someone to move up. The cars seem to be selling around 43K so there might be a little room to play, without gouging anyone.

Best Wishes
Double Trouble,

My best legal advice is to speak with your dealer on the imminent sale--ASAP.

If you put money down, as I assume you have, you might want to work out a deal on a refund. I sent my dealer a check with no contract and put "deposit" on the check with no contact. If I backed out, the dealer would have been forced to refund my money.

What did your contract say regarding the deposit?? Was there nonrefundable language??If there was a nonrefundable agreement and your dealer is a jerk, you might want to walk now instead up setting up your financing and then trying to sell. Particularly if you are short on cash. If you finance and stick it out, you will get next months payment on your financing so you will not pay for a couple months.

Fortunately, most dealers know they are going to sell their allocation so yours might be more willing to move someone else up. Consider your color and option selection as one factor that the dealer might argue will be difficult to cut you slack. Most bird owners are requesting specifics.

Nonetheless, don't say a thing about the other order. You won't get much love on that score.

I just looked at e-bay and don't think you want the hassle. Also, once you get your hands on the bird, you might not be able to let it go.

Good luck.

Call the dealer and cancel your order, you don't want to try to sell a pre-titled Thunderbird. Any reputable dealer will give you your money back. If they called it a deposit, they are screwed anyway, if they called it a partial payment, they could be difficult. Either way, considering the demand for the car, you should have no problem, but I would discourage you from buying it, because it will be taxed twice, and titled twice.

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