What Are People Paying?

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I'm near Miami, Florida.

I can't imagine paying 50 K for one of these things. I doubt very much that these cars will be as desirable next year as they are now, and when the bottom drops out, they'll have the same kind of depreciation as a Corvette. For that kind of money (plus a few grand), I can get a Lexus 430.
Well the bottom won't drop out, but the premium over MSRP will quickly fade as the early adopters get theirs. Some people who thought they could resell at a big profit are already bailing out because it looks like they will not appreciate over MSRP.

By Spring, there will be enough in service, in stock unsold and on trade-in to stop the $5-10,000 over nonsense. Dealers will be forced to take their last allocation with out the hard top, since it is a controlled commodity. They will have to dump some of these, depressing the price further.

Customers that were told that they would be charged over MSRP have already given up on Ford and it's gouging dealers and have gone elsewhere. The 2003 orders will start being taken in the late 2nd quarter of 2002. There will be new colors and minor freshining and some buyers will wait for them instead of buying a 2002 at that time.

Plus, times are not that good for a lot of potential buyers. Portfolios are down, jobs are in jeopardy, etc. We have already seen buyers cancel their orders, or give up their position due to the economy.

They are worth the $40 grand and represent a good value at that price. But they will be like so many Corvettes, PT Cruisers, etc. that can't hold a premium after the early adopters are satisfied. Ford know what the market is and it is 100,000 units at $40,000 over 4 years. Just my opinion.
Another one of Gary W.'s pseudonyms perhaps??

For 50 grand I could buy 17 battery operated scooters....or 100 ten speed mountain bikes.....or......or....or.

Who cares????

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RedBirdDlx..You hit the nail on the head

This whole thing happen with the prowlers which I have two ..one 2000 black and one 2000 Woodward(much like the N/M T-Bird they ony made 151 WW)
the prowler is dead as of 2-15-02.at the end of 5 year run DC will have 10,563 prowlers build compare to 20k plus t-bird just for 02...when the prowler came out all the dealer wanted 10k to 20k over.. guess what? today you can buy one new for 39k brand new.......

No way i will ever pay over sticker again ..
I have T-Bird on order for msrp i just have to wait few months.....
Just hold off for a while, they will come down in price, got mine at MSRP.

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You buy a car because you like it and want it, or you buy a car because you need transportation. If anyone thinks these are a moneymaking proposition they are sadly mistaken. Professionals, (Dealership owners, wholesalers and salesmen), make money. Unless you fall into one of these catagories, it's unlikely you will make anything on the T-Bird. The days of speculation are long gone. remember the frenzy over the Super Coupes when they first came out? What about the those "Z" Corvettes, or the PT cruiser or the Prowler? Rememberthe '76 Eldorado Convertibles? Specilation was rampant on all of these cars yet the market died out faster than you could say "SOLD"! The T-Bird is a beautiful car and yes it's worth whatever you pay for it as long as you want it, just don't expect to make money with it. I have NEVER paid MSRP for a car in my life and I've bought plenty (well over 150), but I paid it for this one because I wanted it. I'm happy with it and happy with my decision, however, I have no illusions about making money on it. People, enjoy your cars or not, that's entirely up to you, but, comparing it to anything else is just folly, and saying you can have 'x' number of 'y's' is even more rediculous. It's a car, it's a commodity and it will have depreciation, albeit hopefully not as much as a Crown Victoria. Have fun, enjoy the car and forget the rest.
DavidA; Right on. I couldn't agree with you more. We bought the car because we loved it. Discussion of price is immaterial. We all have our own price limits and this is what free trade is all about. Each one of us has what we think it is worth. That's it.

After all we wouldn't be on this board if we weren't in love with Thunderbirds!
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