What a fabulous Thunderbird day

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After 5 years of wishing, hoping, and waiting, my special phone call came today---a week early. My Yellow/white (12126) was delivered to Sutliff Capitol Ford in Harrisburg, Pa at 12:38pm today, March 5th. I got to see it still in plastic where it will stay until the whitewalls are installed. I cried and took lots of pictures. I'll post with the tires next to the white top next week. If I can get any sleep between now and then. I'm so excited!!!!


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Congratulations! I also joined the ranks of new owners (see my "Yeeeeeeeeehaw" post). I'm looking forward to your photos. The Yellow/White with whitewalls sounds beautiful.
I am also very excited for you, but most of all to see the whitewalls you've talked about. I have look everywhere & I CAN NOT find a 17" w/w.. with the exception of the Vogue tire which has a yellow wall along with the white one. Would you please reveal the tire??
I think the white walls with yellow car and white top will look stunning! Now get jodrod to paint your calipers yellow and find an after market fender skirt - WOW!

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Congrats,retrobrd, now if I remember right you have some hubs to paint. Get those tires on and start driving it.

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