Went to the local stealership today drooool!!!!!

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Actually i stopped by 2 different dealers, on had a Dark Shadow Grey with the tan interior accent, not sure the name ford calls it, but anyway, it was really really nice and sticker, so i decided to stop by the other dealer a few miles away they had a desert sky blue with a black top in the showroom, WOW, that thing is beautiful i like it lots better than the 02 thunderbird blue. the new gauges in the dash look good too, i think im going to order the needles for my 96 bird and see if i can rig them up. now the only question is does anyone make the dark shadow grey and sky blue in 1/18th scale models????? ive got the rest of them including the 03 coral.

to thoes lucky enough to get the desert sky blue in the 1:1 scale congrats!!!

1996 Thunderbird LX 4.6l
1966 Thunderbird "Q" code conv.

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