water leak

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Went through a non-touch car wash today and had a little leak at the left front area where the hard-top meets the windshield/window...what do you think? Should I take it back, live with it, reseat the top, make them give me a new top, or just hand wash it softly without those jets (as at the wash). Have had the car for only 2 days.

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You say you have had the car for 2 days? I gotta tell you there is no way I would take my car to any car wash.
Maybe just me, but there is an interaction with the machine while washing, cleaning and drying the car that even driving it can't match.
I am retired and have a gardener, pool man, and a woman comes and cleans our house once a week but there would never be a situation where someone else would wash my car.
As far as the leak, it shouldn't. Not everyone is as anal as I am, lots of people take them to the car wash. Car should be designed to handle that at a minimum.
tleslie - My car leaked in the exact same location on the driver's side, but not on the passenger side. My experience was with the soft top, however. Happened in a touchless wash while on our Florida trip. Haven't had chance to check again.
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