Water infiltration from both windows

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I used a power washer today for the first time to wash my car. Used the lowest setting and a wide spray.

When I was done I noticed a bit of water infiltration inside both windows.

I repeated the experience with me in the car and my wife at the power washer controls.

The water seems to infiltrate itself from the front roof/front windsheild frame joint and then leak inside the car.

Has anyone experienced problems like this one?

My car has not been in any kind of rain yet (We are still geting snow up here, and I keep the car in storage).

I am concerend that I just may have found a problem that will be cropping up the first time I drive the car in a downpour.

Your comments will be appreciated.

EricT Blue/Blue 7641

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I have seen the same thing at home with a water hose but only with the soft top. The hard top seals better. It only leaks where the top folds and there is a crack in the gasket. If you don't point the hose there it won't leak. Normal rain isn't a problem.

The last time a ran 15AGAIN through an automatic wash system, I got one shot of water at the front drivers window. I have used the same car wash a few time before with no leaks.

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Power washers put out much more force than any normal rain. Don't worry about it, or wash the Bird by hand. My Chrysler Sebring did the same, and I learned to control the spray so that very little water got inside, and then only on the inside window glass. I washed the car by hand when possible.

The Tbird isn't your run-of-the-mill automobile. It's worth a little extra care.
It IS a convertible. It is impossible to make them 100% water tight, especially with high pressure. I've been in some serious rain at highway seeds and there were no water leaks. Just be careful when yo uopen the door. It drips badly.
I took my car through a no-touch auto wash and had a leak where the hardtop attaches to the drivers portion of the windshield. It leaks right at the joint of the hardtop weatherstripping and the windscreen weather stripping. I told my dealer and they sad they wanted to send it to a trim shop....I told them we would call the ford rep before I let some yahoo with some pliers work on my car. Washing the car by hand causes a little drip, drip action, but not too bad. I dont think I want them to fix it yet until they figure out how to do it right. I understand it is a ragtop and believe me they have alot of maintenance, but are well worth the trouble.
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