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May 21, 2002
What have other T-Bird owners found to be the best wash & wax products for their 'Birds? (mine has only been washed once, by the dealer)


When "Kandi" visits the dealer she always has a sign on her dash that reads "Mr. Service Technician: please do not bathe me. My sugar daddy always bathes me in Zaino's custom show car products. He says its good for my rosey red complexion"

I clay barred Kandi right after delivery and have used the zaino system ever since with excellent results. If you use the search option and type in Zaino you will find more info on this system.

i use whatever wax they use in the coin operated power wash machine.

but, as i stated before, i drive this as an everyday car.

real deep snow, i drive the truck.
real good weather, i ride a [motor]bike.

the bird is for the in-between weather, which is most of the year around here. ;)

i really like the t-bird, but it is just a mass produced car after all. [i grew up in the auto industry, so i am mostly jaded about the whole thing]
Cool to luke warm water by my husband. Never a car wash. Never soap. I think he uses Maguires wax - it keeps the black bird beautiful, so it will do a great job on little red.
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