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Ford relies on its dealers to keep customers informed of vehicle status. Once your VIN has been assigned, there's a special toll-free number they can call to get current production status for any outstanding order. Don't believe otherwise.
Originally posted by Tom W:
Now that I have my vin number, where can I go to find the status of production and delivery?

The dealership can log onto it's computers and see if it is scheduled, bucked, etc. If they will not tell you, they are lazy.
I hear nothing from my salesman. He doesn't even return my calls. When I talk to the Sales Manager, I get the same story - "Factory Hold." I don't know what that means - they have taken delivery of their first one already - I am number 2! How can I find out myself?
Tom, I have e-mailed you privately about this matter, but I wanted to let everyone know that the #1 cars are still being delivered. I, for example, have the #1 car for my dealer. It is VIN #4222, and it is (theoretically) being built this week and delivered in mid-November.

So the #2 cars are likely indeed still on "temporary hold" but should start getting their build dates very soon.

Ford is making about 500 cars a week, so you should be able to extrapolate your schedule from that. I expect that the #2 cars will start being delivered in December. But it depends on how many cars total your dealer is getting.

Good luck to you...
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