VIN in Frozen Tundra

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I ordered a new bird in June, 2001. I discovered this Board in November and it has been a lifesaver. My wife thinks I'm nuts because I read every post. I have learned so much. I never registered, because I was afraid my day would never come. But in the last 12 hours lightning struck twice. IU beat Duke(I graduated from IU undergrad in '72 and grad in '75)and this morning my dealer called with a VIN!!!! IFAHP60A12Y115548. I can't believe it. I first feel in love with the Bird in '57. I was 7 and just getting into cars. What a year for great cars. Anyway, this is a great day! Who cares if its 12 degrees in Minneapolis.I have(will have) a red/red premium with black interior (no accent). Any delivery estimates? Thanks to all of you

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The feelings you expressed are about right on for all that have waited for so long.

I got my vin in august and a delivery on Jan 31st...

Because of the mild winter (no snow) up here in Montreal, I was able to cheat and drive my baby for a couple of weeks.

Now we are back under a foot of snow. But I am not discouraged, they are predicting low 60' for next thursday and friday with lots of rain...


Enjoy!!! May is very close.
Snobrd; Congratulations. Ordered 6-01 and S/N now may mean I'm getting close. I ordered 4-01 and still get "clean & unscheduled - so I'll cross my fingers.
All the best and happy T-Birding.
Snobd - Our cars will be twins! You'll like that all black interior (sort of goes against what most people are doing). Congrats on the car and what a wild game - IU sure tried to give it away in that last 11 seconds though.


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Torch Red w/matching top
Standard Interior
Thanks. Too bad I won't have my big red car for IU's run. I'm 51, and the first game I went to @ IU as an undergrad was IU v Kentucky in IU's old fieldhouse which held about 8,000 people.Vs. Kentucky coached by Adolph Rupp who had his first African American player ever that game. Can't wait to get the car. Think I'll go Zaino.
Snobd and Chief:

See if there is any interest in participating in the Freedom Festival here in Cedar Rapids. I'm emailing Cliff-the NC Regional Director-about some of the group coming down here for the day-we have 20 Thunderbirds so far. And we definitely want the 02s here!

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