Venus on Earth

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Venus finally made her way from Wixom, Michigan to Sumter South Carolina..... Yeeeeeeee-Haaa!!!

It's four weeks to the day since I witnessed her birth at the assembly plant on March 7th. Venus was held for two weeks due to a "quality hold", so she is no doubt extra perfect!

I picked her up last night from my SC dealer, took the long way home, about 60 miles, and put her in the nest. I've got to tell you, she's beautiful!! I'm so glad I went with the full blue accent, it's beautiful, adds a lot of interest and soooo Thunderbird.

Why Venus? Well for one thing Venus is the Roman goddess of love, that's enough right there. Venus is also one of my favorite tunes from the fifties, not to mention that the planet Venus is often referred to as the BLUE planet. Yep, perfect !

Blue/Blue Premium w/full accent VIN 12778

In the nest on April 3rd ! Yeeeee Haa


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charliefed, Now your in for some FUN,FUN,FUN. Just watch out for the other guy.

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Congrats! I'll bet Norman will be issuing an invite for you to head up the coast to visit him and his flock.

Enjoy, enjoy, and be prepared for the "looks". Don't feel bad when you realize that they are not checking YOU's the CAR!

Great News! We are all looking forward to meeting you and seeing your new Thunderbird in exactly 4 weeks from today for "The Great Georgia Thunderbird Road Rally"!

Congratulations, and enjoy! It's good to see another Goddess in the pantheon. She sounds gorgeous.

(Triple-red "Freyja")

Congratulations! Every time I hear about another delivery, I am elated....For two reasons. First, for the proud new owner; and second, I'm one step closer to getting mine!

Happy T-Birding!

Charlie; yes...congratulations! and yes,
bring that Blue Bird on over to North Myrtle Beach! You too, Heelbird! We'll have a blue Thunderbird convention! In the past three weeks we've been visited by a white bird from Raleigh, a black bird from
Asheville, and a yellow bird from Pennsylvania.
Congrats, Charlie. I look forward to meeting you and enjoying the two day raod month from Atlanta.

Drive carefully and , most of all, ENJOY.

blue/blue/full blue/premium on order: VIN #16050
Congrats on your new addition. Looks like there will be a whole covey of "bluebirds" at the rally.

Courage - and shuffle the cards
Welcome to a Happy world of T-Bird owners, Many happy miles and smiles.

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