valve stem caps

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Can someone tell me where I can find some deals on valve stem caps. Ford... I found some but the shipping is unbelieveable.....

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I found chrome ones at Walmart for I think $1.48 for all 4. Hope you can find them. Mike

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Sorry Mike, i meant Ford valve stem caps.....
Hows the car???? Sorry I missed your pickup and hope we can get together soon. Can't wait to see your car.
yellowwing1 - I think if you order through a dealer, the shipping is included in the price shown in the catalog. If you order directly from Ford, they add the shipping to send directly to your house. I don't order directly because of that reason, the shipping is too high.

Some dealers are more into the Ford Collection than others, even stocking some of the stuff. The dealer I bought my car from orders larger stuff, but really doesn't want to mess with the small stuff. For those, I use another dealer across town. They are very helpful, and often send directly to me anyway.

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