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So far, I have added the Neiman Marcus chrome bezel to my hood and the embroidered T-Bird floor mats. Over the weekend, I made BY FAR the biggest improvement yet---the addition of the retro V8 emblems from the '02 Explorer. I purchased 2 of the emblems through Ford parts and placed them on the front fenders underneath the bottom character line. I CANNOT BELIEVE how good they look---should come from the factory this way. I put the emblems on Saturday and took the car to a party on Sunday----naturally the car was a huge hit but the most amazing thing to me was that the majority of people made the comment "wow--it really has a V8 in it"?

It seems to me that Ford has so *******ized the Thunderbird name over the years with V6 and even four cylinder engines that people have a hard time believing the new car has a V8. A lot of people were also surprised that the car is rear drive. Another comment I'm getting a lot--"it's hard to believe Ford made something this cool--didn't think Ford made neat stuff like this anymore".

Ford, if you are listening, don't ever ever ever ever ever put anything less than a V8 in the Thunderbird again---and seriously consider making those V8 emblems standard---they really do look perfect.

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When folks see the emblems on my 93 LX, they think I have the 4.6L-and act surprised when I tell them, "Nope-it has the 5.0L HO V8!"

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I've posted the pictures of waitingpatientlynomore's V8 emblem at http://photos.groups.*********/group/newtbirddata/lst?.dir=/Accessory+Photos&.src=gr&.order=&.view=t&.done=http%3a//photos.groups.*********/group/newtbirddata/lst%3f.dir=/Acce ssory%2bPhotos%26.src=gr%26.view=t They are MVC-002F & MVC003F.

DavidA - I didn't even click on your link - thought it would come up with a broken link since it looked broken in the message - yahoo keeps changing for the better!
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