Unusual Tbird collectors oppertunities

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Hey guys I was flipping through the boards and I didn't see anything about a few Tbird collectibles that I found that I thought was real neat. First Ford has come out with a company called Precission 100 to commerate the 100th year of Ford Motor Company. They make really detailed models. The models are really amazing in their detail. They have working suspensions and laser etchings and stuff. I am ordering one and I thought you might want to take a look. Its at www.precision100.com . The other thing I got recently was a book called The Thunderbird: An Odessy in Automotive Design by Bill Boyer. Bill is the man respossible for designing the body of the 1955 thunderbird(which is the one the 2002 is based off) and future thunderbirds. He later took over control of the program untill he retired in 1985. It comes in a cool leather book with a great big tbird insignia on the front and the collectors edition is signed and numbered. Mine is like 125/ 5000. I don't remember where to get this one exactly but if any one wants to know then I'll post it up[ here tonight. It costs like $70 for each of these 2 things but collecting memoribilia is one of the most fun parts of car collecting. Thought you might like to know.

Just went out the their site and currently they are only offering a 64 1/2 Mustang, a '57 Bird and a 1913 Model T.

I sent them an inquiry about the '02 Bird, if they plan on making a model of it. I will post the response if I get one.

I'm really interested in the book...eager to see your post on how I can get it...thanks for all the info
(I have a model of the 57 which I built about 10 years ago...same scale...colors are identical to the one displayed in their offering.)
guys, you can find the Precesion 100 on eBay for far less than retail. The Boyer book is among a dozen or more on Thunderbird history. mike biddle, Bob Leach and I helped with the Mike Lamm book, Thunderbird 2002. You can get all the collectible info you need right here, before you burst the bank, and miss a Thunderbird car payment. Steve

That Mike Lamm book is just excellent. You folks did such a great job.

jimbob and others,

On the Cybernest website for Thunderbird enthusiasts, there is an entire page devoted to books at www.tbird.org/Books/books.htm .

The book that ranat1 mentions is by William P. Boyer and is indeed called Thunderbird: An Odyssey in Automotive Design.

The book is, unfortunately, out of print, and I just managed to snag the last "used" one on the Amazon site. But I imagine that you could look around at other Internet sites for used booksellers and find one.

-- Paula
Sorry guys I have been busy. My 55 slipped into gear while the front was on jack stands and the engine was being timmed. I ruined my jackstands and tore some power steering lines. What a wreck. I had just put her together for the first time in weeks too. But anyways I can't find my catalogue that it was in but I believe it was available through Nation Parts Depot. Both the basic one and the signed one were available. If I remember correctly it was $45 for the basic and$75 for the signed and I bought mine about 6 months ago. The book has been out of print for years so if you can get one new from them I'd suggest it. The webiste is. www.npdlink.com and the 24hour order line is 800-874-7595 . Good luck and it is an awesome book from the guy who made the thunderbird possible not just a researcher.
Called them...they don't have it.
My guess is, since it's out of print, it may be hard to come by...did put in a request for a used one with Amazon.com...the fella at npd.link said he'd keep an eye out...thanks for your help!
This is the reply I just received from Precision 100.

"At this time there are no plans to produce the 2002 Tbird. Your suggestion will be passed along to the appropriate departments for their review.
Thank you"
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